Sunday, 10 April 2016

Weekly Progress Report 10/04/2016

Hey all

A quick look at our update for the week. Both myself and Drake have no progress for this week as real life rears its ugly head. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though and you can expect to see some progress from us both this week. 

Lady Atia did some work on her Word Bearers this week. She started to build her next 20 infantry models, and primed her Contemptor Dreadnought. Here you can see two of her Sergeants, one of them wearing a modified Nuncio Vox, aswell as an Occulus Familiar. She also saw the first pics for the new AoS Orruks, and is all hyped for her 30k Orks army now. Cyboars incoming!

As you've seen from King Fluff earlier in the week he's been slogging away at 7 new Night Lords units. Stay tuned for the post in the completed units and more from his Graian Mechanicum force over the next few weeks.

Aveinus has completed his plasma gun support squad this week and has started to apply transfers to his other characters and predator tanks

Darien's latest order from Forgeworld arrived and it went straight into the bowl to be washed! Work has now started on getting the new stuff built.

This week Tylar has used his little bit of Hobby time to clean, prep and build his Leviathan and magnetise all the weapons. 
Post of this giant brother will follow soon 😉

Castiel is getting over a virus he got whilst on holiday and we shall hopefully see some progress from him as he settles back into UK life.

Hope you have enjoyed our update. Please comment below.