Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Archmagos Dominus of Graia

Good afternoon dwellers of the blogger sphere.

King Fluff here with a modest update on one of the units I've been working on over the last week.

As you know I've been adding in around 250pts worth of ad mech goodness once a month in order to shift the back log of armies I have sitting on shelves or in boxes. 

This week I've been working on a new Domitar, 2 Thallaxii and an Archmagos Dominus.

This week I'd specifically concentrated on the Archmagos. The model is the plastic kit from Games Workshop and it is jam packed with details.

Initially I decided to spray the model leadbelcher then wash and dry brush as I have on all my other Mechanicum units however on this particular model the pose makes overprinting quite difficult. I then painted in the robes with Mephiston Red - this was really fiddly but I reconciled myself with that if I had sprayed the model Mephiston red there would have been an equally difficult job of blocking in all the metals and avoiding over brush when dry rushing on the Necron Compound.

I'm still now filling in the details on the model - trying to balance out the three metal colours I've used on my army as a way of ensuring a cohesive colour palette across the army.

Here's some shots on his Abeyant, which he'll be riding into battle once he's finished.

I really want to get more of these kits now and cut them up to make more unique Priests/Magi/Archmagi and Magos Primes - I think the potential of mixing it with resin Forge World parts is almost unending.

So that me so far - he should be done by the weekend along with his robot buddies so I'm sure on the weekly progress report you should be able to see him all done.

Stay Classy.