Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Questoris Knight Styrix WIP Update

Hello everyone,

I'm back with a quick update on my Questoris Knight Styrix! Progress has unfortunately been slow due to work commitments, however I do still have some progress to show before I head off on holiday for a couple of weeks!

So since my last post, I have managed to do some of the more time consuming parts of the paint job. Firstly I've sprayed the knight with chaos black spray and then once dry and every part of the model was covered I used the Leadblecher spray. This turned out to be tricky as I struggled to get to every part of the model covered without the paint building up too much in some areas. I was also getting an uneven finish in places so I decided to then just use a large dry brush to finish the coat and get that even finish I was looking for.

 Please note there may be a few areas I haven't quite covered completely just yet!

As you can see from this close up I have also started to now apply the Mephiston Red to the armour plates on the legs. It is also possible to see some of the areas where I can improve my coat of Leadbelcher particularly on the claw.


Finally I've also applied the Leadbelcher to the trims on the shin and shoulder armour plates. One problem I have encountered is that underneath this lighting it does show the difference between the Mephiston Red from a spray can and a pot of paint. On the right shoulder pad there is a visible difference where I have had to touch up a mistake! Unfortunately while painting it on, you don't really see the difference. However, I'm hoping that when I come to my next stage which is applying a 50/50 mix of Nuln Oil and Lahmium Medium into the recesses of the armour plates it should hide this, so its not so obvious.

I'm afraid that is all from me today but I hope all of your projects are running smoothly! I wont have any progress to show over the next couple of weeks with being on holiday so see you soon!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane