Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Lady Atia: Progress on the Keeper of Secrets - and an Engine of Blood!

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

My progress slowed a bit down this month, as I first got a cold and than had to go to the hospital. Anyways, I'm back, and fit again - so let's do some hobby stuff!

I made some good progress on Zarakynel today:

The skin is done, I did it with my airbrush, using a pre-shading of Burned Umber and Purple, and layers of Warpfiend Grey mixed up with Xereus Purple and White (and more and more white as the layers go on). Really happy so far!

The gold is my classic Castellax Bronze > Valdor Gold > Runefang Steel. Really love the FW airbrush range, as you can use it easily for both brush and air-brush.

Of course there is still a lot to do, but I'm looking forward to the details! Also  ...

... An Engine of Blood spawns!

A little teaser for my project after my Keeper of Secrets - a sinister Daemon Engine. Was it created by the Dark Mechanicum during the dark days of the Horus Heresy, or is it far older, lurking in the Warp since an eternity, forged by the Bloodgod's unhallow Daemonsmiths? Maybe it's a combination of both, or non of it. Time works strange within the Realm of Chaos, after all ....

Hope you enjoyed my little post. :)

Lady Atia


  1. Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh. A Great Brass Scorpion!!!!!!! Sooooo excited. You following Masterclass guide?

    Keeper of secrets is looking awesome too. Slaanesh are freaking great looking.

    1. Yeahhhhhhh! Well, I'll do a mix of both masterclass guides (the one for the scorpion and the red knight in the HH one), as I want to use Angron Red instead of Tamiya.

      And yep, Slaanesh rocks! :D

  2. Gona do a sick base for the scorpion? Like ripping a tank in half? Or duleing a primarch?

    1. Mhmmm - I'll do a base for her, but not sure what to do with it atm. Funnily enough, I got another Primarch who may work well thematically against the Scorpion, but if I go that route, it will be probably a bigger diorama base for a little Legion VS Dark Mechanicum display showcase :P

    2. Ah... I like the way you think. And it's another "her". I should have known. Who's the primarch that would work thematically?

    3. Well, female scorpions are usually larger than male ones ;)

      Mhm, shall I reveal that one yet? Well, check out the cover of the Soulforge novella :P

    4. Corax perched on her back about to administer the coup de grace would be cool.

  3. Awesome work! Looks great! :D