Thursday, 12 May 2016

Lady Atia summons - A Keeper of Secrets!

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Little WIP post today. I started to prepare another side project - my Keeper of Secrets - for Bolter and Chainswords' annual ETL painting challenge. In case you wonder - no worries, I will still continue to work on my Word Bearers. But you can't have enough daemons to summon forth from the warp can't you?

At this point I need to say - this is a gorgeous model (not easy to build, though!). I really like the daemon sculpts of the late 3rd Edition, and Forgeworld's Keeper of Secrets is based on exact that style.

Some of the details were a bit damaged, so I had to re-do the chain and her nipple-piercing. I also added a tongue piercing ('cause they rock! :P).

The fingers are already pinned, I'll do the same for the spikes.

Of course there is still some greenstuff work to do on her!

Besides this model I also got a bunch of Juan Diaz Daemonettes aswell as plastic chickens who will be done at a later time. Regarding the colour scheme for my Slaanesh Daemons I would like to follow this artwork:

Light greyish/purplish skin, black details, gold trims, dark tattoos and purple claws. Pretty much GW's current 40k studio-scheme.

I'll be on vacations this weekend, but I aim to start to paint her next week. Hope you enjoyed my post today - regards,

Lady Atia