Thursday, 19 May 2016

Mechanicum Vorax Battle Automata

Hi all. 

We started these millenia ago (like many other projects) and fortunately I decided recently to get them completed. The main reason behind this is that we need some more units in the upcoming Purokar League Campaign. 

They were painted: 
Brass: Warplock base then layered with Rune Lord Brass. When done a light wash of Lahmian ad Warplock is re-applied to the lowest parts of the plates. A light drybrushing / edge highlight of Mithril Silver is then done. A thin wash of Agrax Earthshade is then done over the plates. 
Metal: Leadbelcher base, zenithal drybrush of Ironbreaker. Washed with Nuln oil and pin washes of Seraphim Sepia. 

Love using 'Ard coat for glossy black visors. 

Glutton for punishment. Those ammo feeds are an absolute bitch. 

Any way. More Mechanicum, Solar Auxilia and Knights are scheduled in now, so stay tuned in and don't forget to like us on Facebook

Drake Seta