Saturday, 28 May 2016

Solar Auxilia Veletaris storm section

Hello everyone

This is a quick look at the latest addition to the groups Solar Auxilia force a Veletaris Storm Section.

The Veletarii are the most skilled and dedicated warriors in the Solar Auxilia, issued with the most potent weaponry and tasked with the most arduous of battlefield missions. Veletaris Storm Sections are often gathered together into special, cohort-level reserves whichever as their commander's household under his direct command, or they may be raised on a company-by-company basis. On occasion, they serve as a formal guard of honour for the Legate Commander, bearing ceremonial power axes which they sometimes use in battle.

The Veletaris are deployed in a number of roles. Some commanders use them as shock troops whose discipline and firepower can overwhelm even the most fearsome of enemies. Others utilise them as a line reserve, able to react quickly to enemy breakthroughs and bolster a wavering defence.

We divided painting duties between us in a production line style using the Forgeworld paint scheme which is as follows.

Undercoat, Basecoats of Ironbreaker on armour plates, and Warplock on guns, piping, cogs on backpack etc.
paint canteen black.

Red Fatigues in Mephiston red.
 Light top down drybrush of Runelord Brass on weapon over Warplock.
 Silver detailing on weapons done with Leadbelcher.
Paint dagger blade Leadbelcher and hilt Warplock.

Paint Averland sunset on yellow pads, Gothgor Brown on gloves and fabric parts of boots.
Balthasar gold drybrush on dagger hilt and Iron breaker on knife cutting part of blade (not flat).

 Zenithal highlighting on cogs and wheels, pipes, air tank, boom charge.
Balthasar gold emblems.
Wash entire model with either Agrax or Nuln depending on section,
Sponge chipping.

Next time I will be bringing you a look at our Solar Auxilia Flamer Section so keep an eye out for that in the near future.