Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Sons of Horus First Company Update 15

Hello all!

I have spent tonight painting furiously to get my latest model completed! It has taken a couple of hours but I have managed to finish it! It's not quite fully dry but I wanted to get some photos up for you all to see! So here we are my first of 3 Dreadclaws:

I wanted to use etched brass on each of the 5 side but the Dreadclaw lacks space to be able to get these on. So for the time being it doesn't have any legion markings. My plan will be to add something to the tops of the fins when the new Sons of Horus stickers get released.

I will mostly be using the Dreadclaw to transport 10 man Reaver squads around. Dropping them into battle and using them to get the Reavers straight into combat! I may make use of them to drop 5 Justaerin or a Contemptor into battle from time to time for a change!

My experience with these so far has been good, they get whatever is inside into the heart of the battle quickly and once the troops are out they are very useful for blocking line of sight!

I've not decided what I will work on next yet, it will depend on if I fancy building or painting when I next get some hobby time! So it will either be 11 Justaerin or Reaver and Leviathan making.