Sunday 1 May 2016

Weekly Progress Report 01/05/2016

Evening everyone we have a bumper post this evening for our WPR report. All the Bunnies have been busy so let's see who's been up to what. 

First up Drake Seta has finally got the components to start the Vlka Fenryka. He can see it as another project he is starting or he can choose to see it as he is starting the last thing on his Bucket list.

As you've seen last night King Fluff has been back to the Mechanicum forges on Graia beavering away to bring you a completed troops choice for his army. Stay tuned for an imminent update on his Night Lords.

Lady Atia was busy building Orks and painting her Tactical Squad. She also found some old Gorkamorka models in her dad's cellar ... allied Ork-Cultist detachment on the horizoon (after stripping of her crappy old paintjob :P)

Aveinus has spent this week working on having his knight fully built so he can begin painting. However he has encountered a few issues with forgeworld parts not fitting properly so some heat gun action looks imminent. An update on this will be available to see in his next post.

Darien has started working on his Spartan for his Sons of Horus. He is hoping to complete it this week, look out for a post on Friday for an update.

Kaelo and Castiel have busy in the background but don't have any solid WPR to share this week but watch this space ;)

Myself I've been working on this:

There will be an additional post shortly so stick around the blog and get ready for the rumble of Super-Heavy tracks :)

Let us know what you've been working on guys and let us know your thoughts. 

 - Tylar ;D


  1. Well done guys/gal :) nice to see some big tanks and Knight!

  2. Nice update, Drake, I finished my 30th Anniversary marine, only one mind you ;) Check him out over at WeeMen blog. Cheers.
    Lady A, those Gorkamorka minis will make a great gang for the inevitable re-release of Necromunda...

  3. Great update guys.

    My anniversary marine arrived (yesterday) and I've finished a squad of 5 AL Volkite Cavaliers. I will need to get some transfers on, but this will wait until the army is ready!

    1. I'm with you I think. I want to get everything to the point of transfers then do it in a oner :)