Friday, 24 June 2016

Painting Guide: Faces

Hello all!

Whilst painting Horus' face I thought it would be a good idea to provide a step by step guide to help out anyone that might be struggling with faces. I know that I did a lot of searching trying to find a guide I liked. In the end I settled with the below, the key is to keep each layer watered down.

First up is 2 layers Cadian Fresh Tone:

Then a wash of Reikland Flesh shade:

2 to 3 watered down layer of Cadian fleshtone were added, except to the deepest recesses. It is important to water the paint down and add layers. You may want to add one thin coat all over, so that the dark areas aren't to dark. The idea of the watery layers is it keeps the paint slightly transparent which allows the layers underneath to show through which adds depth to the face. 

You will want to keep your watered down layer on your pallet and then add Kislev Flesh to the mix in around a 50/50 ratio. This is then applied to the highest areas of face in several layers again. I also apply it over most of the face that I covered above to lighten the overall look.

Now we start adding even more Kislev to the above mix so that it gets to 25/75. Then apply to the same areas as above. Adding more layers to the raised areas to lighten them up. 

More Kislev added to the mix and again applied in layers to the raised areas only this time. It should almost be pure Kislev now. 

To finish the flesh off I added some white scar to the mix to create a very light final layer which is only applied to the tip of the nose and eye brows. 

The last step is to add the eyes. I watered down white scar and added a very very small amount of the flesh mix to the white to make it slightly off white, only very slightly though. The very final step is to add the black of the pupils. You need to make sure that this goes from the top to the bottom of the white as this will look more natural. 

That should provide you with a decent looking face!

Happy hobbying!



  1. I can't adequately express my admiration. I struggle with painting and when you realise you're painting neatly, elegantly in to a space barely 2-3mm wide and creating such clean, neat lines - it's astonishing. Thank you.

  2. Great guide mate. Faces are hit and miss with me. They either come out well or really poor lol. I always find that I struggle with eyes too as it appears to be the area that consistently has casting issues lol

    1. Thanks mate! Thankfully I haven't experienced any missed cast eyes yet! It sounds unfun!!

  3. Man, eyes are the hardest park, so much respect. I usually just use helmeted heads these days to avoid them...

    1. Thanks very much! I like my characters to have bare heads, makes them stand out from the crowd!