Saturday, 25 June 2016

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Contemptors WIP

Hi all

Just after the battles I had for the opening of the Purokar League Campaign; I have decided to finish off a pair of Contemptors I started 2 years ago and some other units for extra stopping power. 

As they stand. I decided on doing one generic and with the most common Death Guard armament (Multi-Melta and power claw - See Betrayal) as well as another one which is plasma heavy (mainly as there was an image of Heavy support Legionaires sporting Plasma Cannons in collected visions). 

White and purity seal. 

Burnt Umber oil paints (and a few raw sienna streaks too) slightly thinned with white spirits so paintable. The streaks are done from rust or grime spots. 

Leave to bed in for 2-5 minutes. 

Then with a clean brush with a bit of white spirits on it, we thin the streaks by brushing down over them so that it takes the paint away. Clean your brush regularly with a kitchen roll. 

You can add slightly oil tainted white spirit pools too at the bottom of armour plates to give it a brighter towards the top vibe and grimier towards the bottom (see how it looks on the Contemptor's left leg in pic above (right leg on photo)). 

As always, practice on something first and do it in a well ventilated area. 

Drake Seta


  1. They look fab.

    Looks like a great way of getting realistic looking wear effects quickly.

  2. As I already told you - I love love love love love your Death Guard :)

  3. Do you prefer the purity seal/oil paint method to the AK interactive streaking paints that you used on the infantry? Or is that method simply easier on large models?

    1. Hi. The oil paints work really well on big areas. The AK streaking was used on the Contemptor too (the rust that I referred to as raw sienna), but as the colours are so similar and the end results are very similar I didn't want to confuse things. But the only thing I think is slightly better about oil paints is the flooding/pooling as it thins a easier and the pigments are microscopic.

  4. Hi, do you use normal matte varnish at the end or will it cause trouble because of the oil paint?