Sunday, 26 June 2016

Legion Praetor Tribune - Make him Yours

So if you were lucky enough to get your hands in one of these yesterday, or hoping to get one today what are you going to do with it....?

Here's what I did with mine:

In true kit-bash and conversion fashion, which I know followers of the blog will recognise as my 'thing' I decided to make him mine...or Dorn's, depends on your lean. LOL. 

I'll take you through what I did and why. 
So first thing is how do YOU out there in the blogosphere follow my lead?

It's easy. Keep it simple. Pick a few things that signify your legion, where they've come from or what a signiature trait is you want to use. And then if you want to go that next step create a back story.

For me there's nothing more significant than the Unification Eagle which ties in with the lightning bolts already on the mini. Plus the back story of the Praetor Tribune rank comes from the post Unification, Great Crusade apex era. 

Also for my own table 'Avatar' I've taken the back story of a Phalanx Warden promoted into the elite Assault Cadre of Senechal Rann. So the crossed axes from the Phalanx wardens needed to feature also. 

The easiest way for me to do that was to use a press/push mould of some Imperial Fist detail I have and then add some etched brass. 

First thing....wash. 

Surprisingly there was either no or very little mould release so after only a few hrs I was happy it was clean. I did use a tooth brush though to make sure. 


So after cleaning I also selected a 'better head' and one that fitted with my theme. 
Now I'll be honest at this point. I really like the model and the pose. The head though is awful. 
I chose the Phalanx Warden Vet Sgt head as I had it spare and I love the shouty pose. 

So make him an Imperial Fist. 

That required adding some legion etched brass, which meant some detail removal. Don't be afraid to remove detail some times. Whilst you're moving away from the 'original' mini, your sole intention is to make it yours anyway so a small removal adds more benefit in the long run :)

Now the first thing I did when I got home was pull out my push moulds and additional detail 'bits and bobs' so I mixed up some green stuff straight away. 
After this had cured for about 3-4hrs I pulled them out while it was still on the softer side of curing. 

Now the moulds I will have to go through at a later date but if you google search for 'Blue-stuff' you'll find what I've used and there are some tutorials knocking about too. 

Here you can see the Phalanx Warden shield detail taken from the Warden kits shoulder pad. This small addition adds to my theme and narrative. Small but effective.

Another small addition of etched brass continues the VIIth legion theme. 

So all the parts ready for assembly. Now I had to file down some of the detail on the rear of the head for it to fit in the space again I was willing to take the hit to get the look I wanted. I had one final detail to add. 

I removed the tiny bit of central detail on the chest piece to make space for my Unification Eagle head. 

There we have it glued pride of place surrounded by lightning. ;)

Here you can see a test fit. I ALWAYS do this to ensure the pose and parts fit and match the look I'm after. Best to be safe.

Final dry fit poses. Just goes to show a little can go a long way :D

So there you go guys. I hope you like what I've done and you can take inspiration from it. As ever I'll happily field questions or help with ideas and modelling tips. 
Enjoy your Tribunes and make them YOURS ;)

- Tylar


  1. That is coming on awesomely. I demand to see him yellowed!!! He will look great. Cheers Tylar.

    Did you core out a circle for the shoulder pad emblem to fit?

    1. No I removed the two studs and then cut a circular part out of the edging detail.

  2. I got 3 of these yesterday. All 3 are gonna get customised in one way or another.

    New heads or weapons or both.

    One Emperor's Children, one Ultramarine and maybe one Alpha Legion.

  3. All I did with mine was a simple head swap with one from the 40k sternguard kit. The one with the beard.
    I think It makes him look more like a veteran from the great crusade than a young upstart hothead who wants to fight everyone.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Simon pop over to our Facebook page and send us some shots of him WIP if you have them. Be great to see your take on him.

  4. I gave mine a FW world eater berzerker head, just shaved of the khorne symbol

  5. Picked mine up yesterday and definitely edging towards White Scars as I feel the suit and the weapon fits though I have just pictured him as a Raven Guard Deliverer... damn my over active mind!

    1. Go with a Scar. The Deliverer's had all slow Cataphractii pattern armour :)

    2. I was sure there was a picture in Book III of one in Tartaros. But anyway, laugh while you're killing!

  6. Definitely going the Templar Brethren/First company route with mine. But I have yet to get the detailing worked out yet.

    1. Let me know how you get on and feel free to pop over to our Facebook page and maybe even send in some WIP shots :)

  7. That's a good looking Preator so far. Thanks for showing the bits of the base model. I didn't have a chance to pick one up, but I'm happy to see what other people do with them. I can't wait to see it painted.

  8. Lamentor... that's all I saw for some reason. Captain with the last suit of Relic Terminator Plate. He could lead a nice unit of converted red butchers as Death Company.

    1. It might be all the talk of Glaive power weapons that I envision Lamenters with. Malikim Phoros has a Relic Glaive from Sangiunas himself or incompletely full of it. I need to re-read Badab

    2. It might be all the talk of Glaive power weapons that I envision Lamenters with. Malikim Phoros has a Relic Glaive from Sangiunas himself or incompletely full of it. I need to re-read Badab