Sunday, 26 June 2016

Weekly Progress Report 26/06/2016

Hi everyone

Welcome to the weekly Progress Report this is what the Bunnies have been upto this week.

Drake has been working on his Death Guard Contemptors in preparation for his Purokar League battles. He started them over 2 years ago!

King Fluff has managed to squeeze in a little hobby this week, finishing off 3 more Mechanicum units. Next up for the Scions of Graia will be something altogether bigger than what's already been done.

Aveinus has spent this week applying transfers to his tactical marines which you will see in his next post. He's also working on one of the new praetors for the tenth legion!

Kaelo has had no progress this week but has managed to finally get some games in. He will be finishing his Raven Guard veteran squad in the next 5 days and will be posting about his MKIV Raven Guard squad on 30/06 so look out for that.

This week Tylar has been moving forward with the back ground preparation for a scenery project and has 'Legionised' his Praetor Tribune. Go and check his earlier post to find hints and tips to do the same to yours.

Darien has been working on 11 Justaerin, he has now conpleted the red on them all and the started doing the silvers.

Atia continued to work on her Brass Scorpion - she started to paint the details - still alot to do, but mhmmm, embodiments of sacrificial souls ...

Please let us know what you think and Thanks for reading.