Monday 6 June 2016

Solar Auxilia Flamer Section

Hi everyone

This is the latest addition to the groups Solar Auxilia force an Auxilia Flamer Section

Flamer Sections are configured and equipped to provide close support to the Lasrifle Sections, armed with Flamer units that project a searing wave of alchemically-fuelled fire capable of incinerating dozens of lightly armoured enemies such as Orks with each blast.

The sections' exact deployment depends on the nature of the Battles being fought. In large, set piece actions they are often held just behind the main Lasrifle line, and moved up at the last moment to receive the enemy charge, unleashing a wall of flame through which the foe must assault. Flamer Sections make ideal tactical reserves, beating back any enemy penetration of the Tercio's lines with concentrated blasts of fire. In Zone Mortalis actions, the Flamer Sections are often assigned to lead the way through the dark, cramped passageways, which their weapons can flood with fire the instant an enemy presents itself.

This unit was another joint painting project for the group using the Forgeworld paint scheme from my last post. This scheme really looks great on this unit and we are all delighted with how they look

So there you have it. Please let us know what you think.



  1. They look awesome! The Solar Auxila are really coming together now nicely!

  2. These guys look great! I love the red and yellow, kind of reminds me of empire troopers, in space!

  3. These look cool. They were fun to paint. Great post.

  4. Pyromaniacs galore!

    A wonderful unit all round!