Sunday, 5 June 2016

Weekly Progress report 05-06-16

Hi all. What have we been working on this week?

Atia was busy painting her Zarakynel, which is almost finished. Only the sword and some of her hair-tentacles to go!

Kaelo has been adding the eyes to his Raven Guard. Here is a look at one of his Mor Deythan. He has used the new technical paints and is really impressed with how they have turned out.

This week Tylar has done some serious ground work. He's at second stage shading on his very nice Relic Contemptor. And having finished putting together his missile launcher squad he based and undercoated 31 marines today! With he addition of his leviathan dreadnought. Watch this space!

Castiel Druas has been working on the Leman Russ squadron for the Solar Auxilia. He has finished his step and so it will be going to Drake to do the next stage. 

Drake; having almost finished Bone Garland has decided to start 3 more Titans. 

King fluff has been working on his Night Lords units again this week, laying down the base colours on a contemptor and the rest of his jetbikes. Look out for a post in the near future.

Darien has been busy with work but has managed to base coat Horus and Leviathan number one. He has now started on Horus, with the first layer of red going on today.

Hope you enjoyed our progress. 

The Battle Bunnies