Thursday, 9 June 2016

Sons of Horus First Company Update 17: The Warmaster

Hello all!

This last week I decided to get started on painting Horus. I have been looking forward to painting him for a long time, however I wanted to make him a more practical base for gaming and I just hadn't got around to applying a base coat to him. Now with both of those out of the way I could resist no longer! I am painting him in the same way that I have have been painting the rest of my First Company models, however I will be adding in a few more layers to make him look a bit more special.

First up was layering on Mephiston red on the cape and 'Eyes of Horus'

Then came the silver. This included a dry brush to highlight edges. 

Next up was the wolf on his back. I used 4 different greys to layer up. It was a heavy dry brush to start and then gradually lighter dry brushes with lighter greys. Lastly a Nuln oil wash to blend together. 

Then Baneblade brown on the leathery bits. 

Lastly I have manager to lay down the layers for the bronze. 

Washing the reds, bronze and brown is next on the list and then I will be layering the cape. I'm very happy with how he is coming along. Hopefully my next post will be of a finished Horus!

Happy hobbying!