Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Bunnies battle at a table in Warhammer World

Hi all. 

Just to share the fact we do actually battle, the Bunnies went to Warhammer World today :)

Tylar managed to book us Spyral prime and we managed to get 3 whole turns in each before time ran out. 

Bone Garland stood sentry over the battlefield. 

Death Guard advanced round the old pump house

The Iron Tenth were stalwart with the Imperial Fists in assistance

The Mor Deythan sniped from up high. 

Deepstriking Sons of Horus Dreadclaw

Nathaniel Garro led the charge on the left flank. 

Corax and the Dark Furies were extremely effective against the Death Guard. 

The Death Guard took heavy damage from the Imperial Fist Quad Mortars before being charged by the XIX Legion. 

Nathaniel Garro is cut down by the Dark Furies while Mortarion carries out a glorious intervention. 

Ferrus destroys a squad of the XIV Legion in one turn, whilst the Imperial Fists destroy the Breacher squad. 

Was just a friendly game hence some unpainted models. We had a good time and discussed the blog. We will be having some actual battle reports soon too. 

Drake Seta