Sunday, 12 June 2016

Weekly Progress report 12-06-16

Hello all. Welcome to your weekly dose of what the Bunnies have been building painting and doing to their Armies. 

First up Drake Seta has been assembling his Warhounds. He is getting really excited about Finishing them already.

Next up and taking a leaf out of Drake Seta's book, King Fluff has finally gotten round to (attempting to) sort out the transfers for his great Crusade era knight household House Krask - although with mixed results so far.

Atia finished her Zarakynel this week. She also started to clean her Greater Brass Scorpion. Now she needs to find a usable base for him (he will be around the size of a Fellblade) - help appreciated!!

With the Purokar League campaign getting closer to starting Aveinus has decided to try to get some more Iron Hands units completed. Another contemptor dreadnought is underway

Darien has been continuing his work on the Warmaster. He is getting very close to being finished now and fingers crossed will be able to show him off later this week.

Tylar has been putting the basics down on his tactical marines and managed to make the final preps ready for detailing on his leviathan. Full post to follow soon. And then spent today putting the start of his Phalanx Wardens in place with the Vet  Sgt. It's all go with the VIIth ! :)

Aveinus and Kaelo have been busy with work and outside life this week but will have some new progress soon. 

We had a great day at WHW yesterday check out the post and see the shots from our short but brutal battle. It was great to see people from around the hobby world old and new. 

Check back everyday to see additional progress on the Legions and the other armies waiting to be faced. 

Let us know your own progress and comment below. 

- Tylar ;)