Monday, 13 June 2016

Warlord Titan: Gun shields and laser jet transfers

Hi all. 

More progress on Bone Garland this week for me. This step was one of the scariest for me but luckily it turned out to be an utter dream. 

So. When the Warlord first made an appearance, we were shown some gun shield transfers for the volcano cannons. Unfortunately these didn't make it on to the Titan transfer sheets, so the gaming community would either have to put other versions of what they think should be on the gun shield on or make their own. 

A good friend of mine offered to make some for me and I jumped at the offer. 

Here they are. Now I used transparent laser jet water slide decal paper for this. Which means if you don't have access to a printer which prints in white you technically have to print white as transparent and have the surface you are applying the transfer to as white (no big issue at all). 
So the paper goes in, you press print and it is done and ready to roll. 

Cut out and put in water. 

White surface with a layer of micro set. 

Transfer on. Wiggle to fit (note that what appears to be white on the decal is actually a clear window to the White). 

Flatten to the gaps using more micro set and a wet cotton wool q tip. 

Repeat until complete. 

Brass was added. Then I air brushed with Klear. 

Then I covered it in my oil mix and buffed it off when dry (see last weeks for full guide). 

Then onto Bone Garland. 

He is fully assembled so he earnt himself a trip to Warhammer World. Just a few more markings, some more weathering and some banners and he is done :)

Drake Seta