Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Community Feedback Request

Hi all

Bit of an impromptu post tonight so I thought I would ask you all a few questions on this dreary Tuesday night. We bunnies always want to deliver a great blog experience with solid content and interesting projects. Some of us want to be gamers and some of us are predominantly collectors. The beauty of the hobby is that there is no right or wrong. Sometimes this means that we lose our way, as new projects and releases come out priorities shift, kits are renewed and occasionally members leave or need to reduce their author availability. Sometimes we need to refocus.

What I would like, is for as many of you as possible to write in the comments below:
Your top 3 posts since you have been a reader.
What is your favourite type of articles?
What would you like to see more of from us?
What do you think we can improve on?
What top 3 campaigns would you like us to cover from Great Crusade or Heresy era?
Any other feedback?

I will take this information away and the bunnies will discuss it and see how we can action some of it. Hopefully it will lead to some positive progression for the blog and we can become bigger and better. 

Also, We are on the potential lookout for a few new members to join the writing staff ideally based within 60 miles of Milton Keynes and prepared to come down for an interview. This is just a feeler currently so email me if you are interested. We are particularly interested in Salamander or World Eater players. Drop me an email at Kaelorylanus@gmail.com if you are interested explaining your background in the hobby and a few pictures of your army.

Stay fluffy



  1. Your top 3 posts since you have been a reader.
    I can't say that I can recall any Particular ones. Maybe ones with Forgeworld Event Coverage and any of the Warlord Titan Progress. Any Atia Posts.

    What is your favourite type of articles?
    I like the Modeling ones, but any with some insight into your respective reasonings on why given the Heresy Frame of reference.

    What would you like to see more of from us?
    Battle Reports. I think you guys can fill that gap that Miniwargaming is kinda leaving open with their infrequent HH Battle Reports. Plus you all live close and have wonderfully painted armies that would be so enjoyable to watch.

    What do you think we can improve on?
    Really not much, other than the usual request for more, lol.

    What top 3 campaigns would you like us to cover from Great Crusade or Heresy era?
    Any. All are great, might be nice to see them played out...hint...hint..Video Battle Report.

    Keep up the Amazing Job.

    1. " Any Atia Posts."

      Aww you are cute - thanks ^.^

      More battle reports are definitively a think on our to do list :)

  2. Your top 3 posts since you have been a reader:
    Only two comes to mind:
    1. http://battlebunnies.blogspot.dk/2015/07/battle-report-battle-for-iron-hope.html - You clearly spent a lot of effort on this battle report and it payed of.
    2. http://battlebunnies.blogspot.dk/2016/06/the-bunnies-battle-at-table-in.html - It was great to see many of the armies we have followed the making of, finally being fielded on the same table. Also, the fact that you actually took it to Warhammer World and informed the fans so they could meet you guys in person instead of just keeping it behind closed doors really feels like a true testament to your devotion towards us, your fans.
    Now, it is not that I do not love your other posts! These are just the two most outstanding in my opinion.

    What is your favourite type of articles:
    I cannot limit this answer to one type. My favorite types are:
    - Battle Reports. (See below)
    - Event coverage.
    - Weekly progress report.
    These are arguably a bit specific for "types", but it is my answer.

    What would you like to see more of from us:
    Like Chase, I would really love to see more battle reports, like Battle for Iron Hope, though it does not have to have as much work put into the special effects (though they look great!). Also, like Chase "hinted", very subtly if I may add, video battle reports would do great if you are up for the challenge. Either way, more battle reports would be much appreciated!

    What do you think we can improve on:
    Inserting the text in the posts without formatting. It is a times hard to read the text when the color is dark and the background is too. It only happens every now and again and I know it is not intentional, but I hate it when I cannot read your posts just because my eyes have a hard time separating the text from the background.
    Also, scale the pictures if possible, or at least the images on the blog post pages (then have them full size if they are clicked, if blogger lets you do that). It is for the most part cosmetic and does not really affect the content, but it is simply a suggestion. ;)

    What top 3 campaigns would you like us to cover from Great Crusade or Heresy era:
    Honestly, I feel that you should choose these campaigns. I am almost certain that any campaign that you feel is interesting enough to spend your time on is going to be great content for us fans to read and enjoy.
    Even if this wasn't my opinion, there are a lot of campaigns to choose from and they are almost all amazingly cool!

    Any other feedback:
    None! None at all! You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up!

  3. 1. I can't for the life of me think of a top 3. O much you guys do is so great. Drake' Garro tutorials stand out though.

    2. I love any type of hobby article. You guys are just so creative and talented. Don't stop with the event coverage though. You guys are my first port of call when it comes to news.

    3. There haven't been many battle reports lately and I wouldn't mind seeing more of your armies at work.

    4. I honestly can't think of anything that could be improved on by you guys. Maybe keep the weekly progress reports consistent as to when they come out (but this is me trying to nitpick)

    5. Ullanor maybe. I know Atia had some Orks on the go at some point. Battle for Molech? I'll trust that whatever you do will be great.

    Just keep up the good works. One of my favourite sites on the interwebs.

    1. Ooh now that I remember, Drake's Perturabo tutorial was also very insightful.

    2. The Orks are still on the "to go" shelve, no worries :)

      Truth be told, I'm still waiting on some hobby products from them (ordered them via Migg Productions ...) - guess I may have to order the powders I need from something else. :<

  4. I'm a painter and collector predominantly so you guys generally scratch my itch in those areas (that sounds wrong now I've written it...) Seeing some of the things you produce are really inspiring.
    I guess one thing you could improve is getting things completed. Quite often you have a lot going on and the progress reports are great but it's good to see the finished results too. You could even tie that into the tutorial type posts suggested above; here's a unit and here's how we painted it from start to finish.
    Maybe some fluff articles, the backroad to your chosen forces? Battle reports would be good but I'm not that fussed about watching report videos, something akin to the old white dwarf turn by turn summary reports would be cool.
    I wish I could apply but I'm a wolves player through and through and based in Notts. Hopefully you find some cool new bunnies tho

  5. Well, I´ll give a try to answer the most quickly possible:

    Your top 3 posts since you have been a reader.

    The GW´s events attendance, whatever they are (Games Day, Open Day, Weekender... you guys/girls do a nice job)

    What is your favourite type of articles?

    The Works in Progress, News, Event Coverage

    What would you like to see more of from us?

    Any Space Wolf in the team xDDDD

    What do you think we can improve on?

    Nothing, but maybe more photos in the Work in Progress articles

    What top 3 campaigns would you like us to cover from Great Crusade or Heresy era?

    Calth, Prospero, Macragge (1st Tyranid War)

    Any other feedback?

    Keep the nice job!

    Greetings from Spain

    1. Macragge isn't 30k! >_< lol

    2. Well... then I will say Phall instead

  6. I can't exactly state 3 articles but your open day/weekender ones are always good and any that discuss the HH background of characters is always interesting, and these are therefore my favourite type of article as well as the weekly progress updates

    More battle reports showcasing your brilliantly paintestinal armies would be nice to see

    3 campaigns to cover - battle for prospero, signus prime and of course eventually Terra itself

    And keep up the good work

  7. Hi guys,
    Silent reader up until now :)...and probably from now on as well, though i certainly appreciate the stuff you're doing.

    i'd have 2 main suggestions:
    1. More details on tutorials, with sharing seamlessly incorporated (ie, sharing a template for the super-amazing titan gun shield decals which are totally crazy!)
    2. Investing in a photo tent and setting some standards across the board. For example, the black highlights, Raven legion etc can't be properly admired due to bad lighting

    Just my two cents
    Which i know don't really answer your question.
    Keep it up guys !

  8. I love you guys, inspired me to make a blog of my own.

    1. I love your Great Crusade campaigns, even if they are few and far between. It's awesome to see this poorly explored era in Imperial history come to light. I patiently await a resolution to the Purokar League conflict.

    2. The Forgeworld event coverage is actually a big thing for me, seeing as I'm stuck over here across the pond. You guys get it all out earliest.

    3. I've warned up to weekly progress reports, they're great fun.

  9. Hi,
    Kev from Warpstone Flux here.

    I just wanted to say that you guys do some really great and inspirational stuff, and you should keep on doing what you are doing, regardless of others!

    With that huge caveat in mind, here are my own answers to your questions:
    >Your top 3 posts since you have been a reader.
    Weathering of Bone Garland (http://battlebunnies.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/warlord-titan-bone-garland-progress.html);
    Ork Planning (http://battlebunnies.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/lady-atias-orks-planning.html);
    Knight Errant (http://battlebunnies.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/knight-errant-nathaniel-garro.html)
    Pre-Heresy Word Bearers (http://battlebunnies.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/pre-heresy-word-bearers.html)
    Yeah, that was 4. I know...

    >What is your favourite type of articles?
    Modelling and painting. That said, you guys do something that few others in the blogosphere do to the same degree: reporting on happenings at Forge World / GW events. There are many of us in the blogosphere who would absolutely love to be able to visit all the conventions, but time, family, children, commitments, distance, travel and work (those are just my excuses) prevent from doing so. As such, you are front-line reporters for many out there who would love to be able to do what you are doing and seeing what you are seeing. I love going through your FW day photos live on the day!

    >What would you like to see more of from us?
    Keep up what you're doing. You have a great balance. I personally would like more battle reports, but I think I'm slack at them over recent years, so I don't want to be a hypocrite.

    >What do you think we can improve on?
    Not much.

    >What top 3 campaigns would you like us to cover from Great Crusade or Heresy era?
    -Isstvan re-enactment (not necessarily with the same legions as the Canon; take your pick. In other words legions fighting the same legions -- mirror matches and what makes them interesting).
    -Using the "Extermination" rules set for small skirmishes (I'd really like to see what you all think of the Horus Heresy campaigns like Extermination, Conquest and others if you've ever considered running them; out local group is doing a narrative campaign and I'm often drawn to comparisons on the blogosphere to see what other people are doing similar / or not!).
    -Not sure for the third, but probably one of the other significant battles from the books.

    >Any other feedback?
    Not really! I respect the way you do things and would certainly recommend your blog as readable to minors and experts alike.

    I would love to join you, but although I'm now in the UK rather than Australia, the distance & travel is mildly prohibitive. Hope to see you at an event if I can ever make it to one though -- feel free to say HI.

  10. I'd like to see a captioned battle report like you did in the early years of the blog, before it went crazy with the painting & modelling sections (which you should of course keep). This is more or less what I'd like to suggest. Other than that, there is a consensus out there that you are doing a sterling service to the community by providing news and insights on conventions and open days, as well as very entertaining tutorials on how to build a Legion from scratch - it can seem a daunting prospect for a neophyte. Cheers.

  11. Ur, swim suit pictures? Wait, that must be another site....

    I love all the articles, I think a few more battle reports would be nice.

    I would say more Titans, but KF and Drake have that VERY well covered.

    I've just ordered a 3D printer, so maybe branch into terrain stuff of this ilk?

    I think that's three.... And swim suits....

  12. For me, the modelling stuff is top drawer, and the battle reports are great, especially as it gives me a chance to see the interplay of units from legions I don't own or collect.
    The event reports are my other top pick.
    If you guys are finding inspiration a bit slow, I'd love to see what you could do with a 30K 'Inquisimunda' style setting with agents and operatives of both sides.....
    And finally, I wish I lived close enough to Milton Keynes to apply :(

    1. Oh, 30k skirmish sounds great! Both Betrayal at Calth and Execution Force (with 30k Marines instead of 40k Chaos Space Marines) are already great for smaller board-game battles, and I have some ideas for a small interlocking campaign for this.

      I may look what the 40k Inquisimunda rules give, as it may be a good system for Knights Errants, Assassins, Lone Wolves or Cabal actions :D

  13. That's what I'm talking about :D as for the captioned battle reports, I know some people love them but I'd much rather have a proper write up than comic style bubbles...

  14. I really like your event coverage posts. Great pics and lots of detail.

    I would like to see more complicated paint guides, Ala pre-heresy thousands sons paint guides are what I'm into.

    it would be cool to see some coverage of the scouring and Great Crusade.


  15. Your event coverage of the Heresy stuff has, frankly, stopped me feeling like I have to do it, because you cover it thoroughly and accurately.

    I don't really care about your posting about FW's latest releases - it feels kind of like filler to me in a way. I can follow the FW blog for that if I want to see it.

    What I like most is seeing the new units you've built and painted, and any battles you've put together.