Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Atia summons: A Brass Scorpion! (WIP)

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today I want to show you where my Brass Scorpion is atm - it's not much, and still looks horrible at this stage, but I hope it will turn out good at the end :P

After a black primer, I sprayed the whole Scorpion with Leadbelcher. I also added zenithals with Runefang Steal.

After this I started the pre-shading - Gal Vorbak red for the lines, aswell as further pre-shading with Calth Blue and Mortarion Green (the green is where the darkest parts should be at the end)

After the pre-shading was done, the long game started - the main colour will be done with several (very very very) thinned down layers of Angron Red (2 ml FW solution : 1 ml Angron Red). This takes a bit to dry between each layer, so here is where I am atm - after 2 layers of red

Looks quite funny at the moment, but as I follow the Forgeworld guide - well let's say, I have faith. At the end it should resemble something like this Knight by Forgeworld:

Sorry for the quite small post, but it's all I managed today (also had to get a new black primer spray this morning >.<). I hope he is finished sometimes next week though!

Lady Atia