Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Transfers Work in progress.

Hi all

Been experimenting with Transfer designs recently as I have had to do some CAD work for our upcoming Purokar League Campaign. So just thought I would show you some bits that I felt like knocking together. 

So the astute Iconoclasts out there of you might notice what these can be used for. So I have started to do some Iron Warrior Transfers for Chevrons, some Dark Angel chequers and have started a little test on Raven Guard Lycaen art work. 

So this is just the start. I am planning to do some transfer sheets that are generic and not infringing on any IP and put them up somewhere on the blog as a resource for you guys to download. They are just helping hand tools so don't expect images, sigils or any references on them. 

I will update this post tonight with some images of the transfers on a Typhon and a Rhino. 

Very yellow (turns out that they are semi transparent at this stage!)


Laid over. 


And the Typhon. 

Drake Seta

P.S. It is my Birthday tomorrow and I am at Warhammer World on Thursday for a day of Heresy gaming for our upcoming battle reports. Great stuff :)