Tuesday 21 June 2016

Transfers Work in progress.

Hi all

Been experimenting with Transfer designs recently as I have had to do some CAD work for our upcoming Purokar League Campaign. So just thought I would show you some bits that I felt like knocking together. 

So the astute Iconoclasts out there of you might notice what these can be used for. So I have started to do some Iron Warrior Transfers for Chevrons, some Dark Angel chequers and have started a little test on Raven Guard Lycaen art work. 

So this is just the start. I am planning to do some transfer sheets that are generic and not infringing on any IP and put them up somewhere on the blog as a resource for you guys to download. They are just helping hand tools so don't expect images, sigils or any references on them. 

I will update this post tonight with some images of the transfers on a Typhon and a Rhino. 

Very yellow (turns out that they are semi transparent at this stage!)


Laid over. 


And the Typhon. 

Drake Seta

P.S. It is my Birthday tomorrow and I am at Warhammer World on Thursday for a day of Heresy gaming for our upcoming battle reports. Great stuff :)


  1. Lovely looking transfers.

    Oh birthday. Happy Birthday! Hopefully the team supply lots of CAKES!

  2. Great work! And happy birthday!

  3. How do you get the scaling right? Especially on, what I'm assuming, is the rapier guards?

    1. Basilisk Gunshield. Well I have measured it and then drawn it on an a CAD program and coloured it accordingly.

  4. What a wonderful idea. Is there a secret to getting transfers printed nicely?

    1. Hi John. Welcome to Battle Bunnies.

      There will be a full how to print, settings to choose, paper to buy etc later when I have a full A4 sheet of stuff for the Iron Warriors. But best thing to think is highest DPI as possible, decent paper and that you can't print white unless you are doing it through a printers.

    2. Drake awesome work as always, looking forward to your "how to transfer" post! Since FW discontinued the Blood Ravens Transfer sheets I get to try and make my own x.x

      Will be great for my Fists Vehciles too!

  5. Awesome Drake. Can't wait to see the 'how to' guide :-) You rock.

  6. Very nice article Drake! Looking forward to the follow ups :)

    Really inspiring to look at!

  7. Wow the time & effort spent preparing these has certainly paid off, these look amazing. Kudos!