Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Forge World Open day 2016: What might be there

Hi all. 

Always good to have a post which compiles the stuff we have seen in Seminars but hasn't graced our online shopping baskets yet. 

So here is a selection of Forge World items seen but are yet to be released:

Age of Darkness Army List (also in black special edition). I hope this will be there as there is no other black book being released at this event lol. 

Fires of Cyraxus might be ready for pre-release there. All of the artwork is done. 

Casan Sabius is ready to go too. 

Maybe Culln too. 

The KX139 should be available too

Fimirach Noble may be an event only for AOS. There is an AOS open day coming soon, so maybe it will be there instead. 

Khornate Dragon with Lord is WIP. I think we may see it at the AOS open day. 

The Weapon and Shield upgrade packs above are ready for release too. We should see these on the day. I expect they will be very popular too. 
I think we will also see the Imperial Fist (almost certain) and possibly Blood Angel, White Scar and Dark Angel weapon packs on the day as previews too. 

Moritat should make an appearance as a pre-release. 

We should see this as a preview painted. It is a great looking Mechanicum vehicle. 

These are ready for release too. Not sure their full intended purpose and whether they are to be sold with armour plates etc too or if it is just a head upgrade pack. Makes me really believe that Morbidia is in Book 7!

This Blighter should be available on the day. 

Secutarii should be pre-release available too. 

We should see this delightful guy painted and possibly as a pre-release. 

The Lord of Winter and War is complete now. But does that mean he will be released? I personally think he may be held back until a possible Horus Heresy Weekender 2 (second one in 2016), to celebrate the release of Inferno and the wider Heresy. 

. . . Bloodbowl. . .  I can wish but I don't think we will see it on sale :(

Yes. Should be there. I need these very much right now!!

Or if red and lightning fingers is more of your thing. 

As always we will have feet on the ground and will do as we did in our last visit; regular pics during the day on the fly with high res ones in the evening. Hope to see you guys there. 

Drake Seta