Wednesday 6 July 2016

Battle Report: Attack at Delier canyon

'Do you see?' Asked sergeant Terrug as Nathaniel looked through the scope. 
'Aye,' Nathaniel said as he looked along the cordon. Terrug was right, they had enhanced their defences. Luruta had been nothing but challenging so far. The enemy felt fluid and capable and their ability to plan for every eventuality was becoming more obvious by the day. He had been tasked with taking this canyon as it led straight to the rear of capital city Voolis. The Intel they had showed the defences at the mouth of the canyon, but looking past them, it clearly had been enhanced to a very dangerous level. He could make out cannons and pillboxes mounted into the flanks of the canyon, as well as dragon teeth along the base. 
'I will call in the Fire Raptors and Furys to take out the wall mounted defences after we take out these two bastions,' Nathaniel continued as he stepped away from the lip of the escarpment and handed the scope back to Terrug. 
'Progress will be slow,' Terrug answered as he passed the scope back along to one of his Legionaires whom then clipped it back onto his Umbra-Ferrox boltgun. 
'The cliff faces are most likely booby trapped too,' the Battle Captain nodded, 'they could bring the whole valley down on us if they risk losing this approach.' A small feeling of unease crept over him and he shook it off. 
'We are still going in aren't we Battle Captain?' Terrug asked as he hefted his Power Scythe over his shoulder. 
'Are you wearing XIX colours?' Garro asked him. 
'No sir,' Terrug spoke, a smile evident in his voice even behind his MKIII pattern face plate. 
'Then we are going in,' Nathaniel said as he turned to address his strike force, the two Deathshroud terminators assigned as protection to him, came to stand at his side. He missed the company of his command section, but they were needed elsewhere. Serried ranks of stained white and mottled green stood expectedly with boltguns to their chests and tank engines idling. He donned his helmet and turned his voxcaster to full, 'Death Guard!' he called, 'the way is blocked, should we turn back?'
'No!' came the voices of a hundred space marines. 
'I thought not,' Garro responded and with that he drew Libertas. 'Count the seven!'
'Count the seven!' Came the amplified response as his strike force picked up the battle cry. 

Welcome to our first of many Battle Reports. We hope you enjoy following us through The Fall of The Purokar League campaign.  
The first series of battles is set on Luruta, a civilised world in the Kuskar worlds. The Death Guard and Dark Angels have been tasked with securing the Kuskar worlds whilst Ferrus with the Iron Hands and Iron Warriors secure the Puroti worlds. 

To best enjoy this Battle Report I would suggest switching to web version if you are viewing on a mobile device or iPad etc as the pics appear small but they are extra large quality, web version overcomes this straight away and you can zoom in actively.

Points: 2250 Death Guard, 2250 + extra defences Purokar League
Mission: Cleanse and Control
Tactical objectives: Yes
Mysterious objectives: No
First turn: Seized by the Purokar League



Turn 1:
Purokar League:
The Lasrifle section in the Eastern bastion fire their weapons with Collimators to bring down two Heavy support Legionaires on the hill. 
The Medusa manages to kill two breachers and takes a hull point off the Fellblade. 
The Leman Russ squadron fires at the Fellblade, but only their Lascannons do any damage (lowering to 9 Hull points). 
The Magos Dominus uses Cyberthurgy Rite of Destruction successfully on the Thanatar, which in turn takes two hull points off of the Sicaran and shakes the crew, it also kills one Deathshroud terminator. 
The Leman Russ Incinerator fails to damage the Vindicator. 


Death Guard:
The Siacaran fires at the Leman Russ Incinerator but the shots are wild. 
The Breachers and Tactical Support with flames roll pitifully on their run move. 
Autocannons fire from the Heavy Support squad kills 3 Veletaris Auxilia. 
The Tactical squad on the western flank open up showing the fury of the Legion but only manage to take 2 wounds off of the Ursurax after feel no pain. 
The Vindicator would have exploded the Leman Russ Incinerator were it not for the cover save it received, but did manage to kill 4 Veletaris. 

The Fellblade unleashes its arsenal across the foe, only managing to glance the Medusa, shake the Leman Russ Vanquisher and shake the Bastion. 

Turn 2:
Purokar League:
The Thallax and the Ursurax turn their sights and weapons upon the tactical squad, bringing low 5 sons of Mortarion. 
The Western Lasrifle section fails to kill a Legionaire. 
The Leman Russ Incinerator makes the most of the opportunity and wrecks the stricken Sicaran. 
The Medusa and standard Leman Russ fire their cannons at the Fellblade removing another 2 hull points.
The Ursurax charge the Death Guard with murder in mind. They tear through 6 Legionaires, whilst sergeant Terrug manages to kill one in return. Their demise imminent they decide to retreat, the Ursurax failing to follow. 

Death Guard:
The Tactical Support squad heft their flamers and advance to the edge of the treelike. They spic chemical death at the Orgryn and manage to take two wounds off of them. 

The Autocannons and destroyers turn their weapons at the blood covered battle automata which have just shred their way through their legion brothers, killing one. 
The Fellblade concentrates fire upon the Tank commander finally destroying this dangerous vehicle, whilst the Vindicator manages to kill the Magos Dominus. 

Turn 3:
Purokar League:
The Eastern Lasrifle squad open up at the troublesome Autocannons on the ridge, but fail to wound a single stoic XIV Legionaire. 
The Medusa is also unlucky with it's aim and it fully misses the Fellblade. The standard Leman Russ also misses but manages to kill 3 of the Death Guard Breachers. 
The Thanatar and Leman Russ Incinerator turn their sight on the Super Heavy and chip away a further two hull points taking the behemoth down to 5 hull points. 


The Thallax shoot the vindicator but the tree line absorbs the damage. 
The western Lasrifle section wounds a Deathshroud terminator in a flurry of las bolts, whilst the Ogryn Charonites charge through a wall of fire which they emerge unscathed from. 

Death Guard:
The tactical squad regroup and turn round ready for orders. 
The Fellblade once more spreads his fire but the defence lines prove invaluable to the tanks behind. 
The Vindicator shares the same misfortune, as does every other Death Guard unit. All are missed or saved by the defences. 
Garro and the Deathshroud decide to close the distance and charge the Veletaris, unfortunately killing the terminator with snap fire. Garro fails his charge distance due to this. 

Turn 4:
Purokar League:
The Flamer section realise the majority of the Legion danger has gone so choose to break cover and advance towards the trees. 
The Ursurax shoot at the Destroyers but fail to wound. The Thallax have more luck though and wreck the Vindicator finally. 
The Leman Russ fires upon the Fellblade taking its hull points down to 3, swiftly followed by a successful plasma mortar shot from the Thanatar which takes it further down to 2. 
The eastern and western Lasrifle sections, Thanatar's Mauler Bolt Cannon and Veletaris shoot at Garro, taking a single wound from the Battle Captain. 
The Destroyer Squad is charged by the Ursurax, which the Sergeant manages to take the damage in his stride upon his Artificier plate. The Tactical squad is not as fortunate though and is crushed by the Charonite Ogryns on the charge. 
Garro kills the Veletaris unit as they try to drag him to the ground. 

Death Guard:
The Fellblade with it's internal systems ringing in alarm from the numerous breaches to its thick armour, fire everything they have got with a last ditch effort to break the defensive line. The Medusa is immobilised and the Thanatar receives a lot of damage from the Lascannons, the eastern bastion once more receives a pounding too and is almost collapsing. 
The Autocannon squad tries to kill the Thanatar but fail, whilst Garro fires at the Flamer section. 

Turn 5:
Purokar League:
The Medusa loads another shell and destroys the Fellblade in a huge explosion. 
The Charonite kill the last of the Destroyers and Garro is brought low by the Flamer section. 

Victory: Purokar League with total annihilation. 

Units of the match:
Purokar League: 

Death Guard: 

Nathaniel Garro came to. His head thundered and clotted blood sealed his left eye shut. He was fully armoured still but his suit had been deactivated. He looked at his limbs, he was manacled to the wall of a transport of some kind. Triaros, that was it. It was a STC construct he had seen before. He looked round the transport compartment to see another twelve Death Guard shackled and bound as he. A few caught his eye and he received nod or two of acknowledgement. 
He looked towards the cabin door at the front and he cast his eye upon three Thallax, obviously the guards for their transportation. 
'We have prisoners' Garro heard the voice of one of the Thanatar's crew speak into a vox unit, 'I believe one of them is a Captain.' Nathaniel could not make out the return but began to see where this was leading. 
'We will meet up with Steel Star nineteen and head through the ruins of Daptek and up Jiikun Major, from there we should be able to get to the palace without issue,' Garro thought about the route in his mind. He was being taken to the headquarters it appeared. A Steel Star was the name given to one of their army detachments, so he guessed a motorcade would be his escort. 
'Well,' came the gravelly voice of one of his men, 'we made it into the city.' 
Several chuckles greeted the pronouncement and even Garro gave a pained smile. He had failed, and that galled him deeply. Chances were they were about to be on the brutal end of some crude interrogation in the next few hours. 
'Hopefully I can get them to surrender now,' Nathaniel responded with a smile and further laughter spread through the hold as their transport rumbled to their fate. 


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  8. I really enjoyed playing that game. Fell blades are disgusting and without the 4+ cover save I fear that this game wouldn't have made it past turn 2. I think we will need to use the more balanced Age of Darkness D weapon rules going forward lol. Top game and top battle report.

  9. I enjoyed reading the battle report very much. The special effects make it a very visual narrative, one can almost hear the voxed reports coming from tne units. On the other hand, this is typical Death Guard stubbornness, haha! Had the 19th Legion been involved, the battle would have surely gone the other way. Cheers. :-)

  10. Great bat rep! I wwonder the fell blade though have you had more success with it in the past? I run one in lower 2000 point games and I find I like my medusa's more. It is possible I just roll poorly on the fellblade, but Im not sure it's armor values make up for its point cost.

    1. Hi Owen. I do normally have lots of success. I actually started looking if there were rules regarding destroying barricades.
      I do like how much damage they can suck up. :)

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