Monday, 25 July 2016

FW Bulletin 25/07/2016

Here this morning we have been blessed with the close ups of the upcoming Knight upgrades. 

Cracking looking heads. We were shown them at the FW Openday which was great. We also saw a Cerastus Acheron with a New Mechanicum head and Mechanicum armour plates, which in my opinion is something FW should definitely release. 

Any way. Let's hope to see them soon. 

Drake Seta


  1. They look great and I like the idea of been able to use mechancium armour parts for all knight variants. Would be great if you could buy the chassis/wepaons separately to the head/shoulders/carapace for all knights though.

    1. I spoke to both Rob Macfarlane and Mark Bedford, they are both pushing for an imperial version and a ad mech version of all Knights. Mark is against upgrade kits for this because it will cost us more! The model above was to show da management how cool a knight Acheron would look as Ad Mech (with the new head)...

      This still isn't agreed as yet though, but sounded like the idea is finding traction in the design team at least.

    2. Yup. I did my part and had a word with Tony! Let's hope :)

    3. I wouldn't mind if they released spare armour parts, my leviathan/knight conversion would certainly benefit from them :D

    4. Good to hear it is on the tables