Sunday, 24 July 2016

Weekly progress report 24/07/2016

Hi all

Another week down and another week closer to finishing our armies :) 
Hope you all feel the same. 

Drake Seta has been working on his Death Guard and Vlka Fenryka. He has found it a bit of a grind to get the Death Guard done but has been enjoying his single mini at a time method that he has been employing with the Rout. 

Atia managed to finish her Brass Scorpion this week. Her next goal is to paint her 15 Tactical Word Bearers over the next days!

This week King Fluff has been painting a lot of red. With two squads of marines, a librarian and a Xiphon interceptor base coated along with half of the containers required for his scenery collection. He will be in warp transit for the next 10 days but will endeavour to muster the cataphractii clad sons of Dorn whilst travelling.

Kaelo has started working on a 10 man Veteran squad for his Raven Guard. Due to the nature of the legion, these will be a ranged unit with some heavy hitting guns. Used in conjunction with the Legion's special rules they should bring some much needed strength to his infantry-heavy list.

Tylar washed and prepped his Mastodon after a great day out at the Open Day. 
He's been taking his time working through the build process during his hobby time this week. He'll be building in stages as he's going with a full Internal paint job. And will be documenting as he goes for a future post.

Darien has had a lot of hobby time over the last week and has managed to complete the 11 Justaerin he had been working on! He has also been building his Mastodon which is now mostly complete!

Drake Seta