Sunday, 3 July 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Weekly Progress Report 03/07/2016

Hello Bunnies

Welcome to this weeks Weekly Progress Report. So, let's get to it!

King Fluff has been doing a little bit towards his Warlord 'Venatoribus Hastam' this week and has finished the Sunfury Plasma Annihilator (except for the magnets).

He's also been quietly bashing out containers on the side to add to his scenery collection for both regular and Zone Mortalis games - these will all be painted en masse as Mechanicum supply containers

Drake has been busy on a Plasma Cannon squad for his Death Guard, and a 10 man Vlka Fenryka squad. Hopefully he will get the Contemptors he continued last week finished this week then the Plasma Cannons after.

Darien has continued working on 11 Justaerin terminators. Since his Friday update he has managed to add brass to 1 more! The plan is to complete them this week.

This week Tylar has been working on his Legion Praetor Tribune. Look out for tomorrow's post!

Aveinus hasn't made much progress this due to playing some friendly games with Kaelo but has now had a chance to get some practice in with his legion.

Atia was hit by one of Nurgle's plagues - but on the bright side, she has ordered something usable as base for her Brass Scorpion!

I have been playing loads of games recently, been loving it! As Aveinus said - we had 3 games over the last 2 days. Here is a picture of Corax getting his ass handed to him by Ferrus! 

Castiel has been assembling his next Dark Angel unit, 3 predators! 

Stay fluffy everybody!



  1. Nice job guys and gals! I just installed the elder scrolls online and so got 0 work done.
    Hoping for some time In between work this week to paint!

    1. TESO is awesome lol! I'm still only level 6/7 though!!

    2. Same. I got to level 7 today and I only started yesterday! I am assuming you play on the European servers?

    3. I think so. Not played in ages lol

  2. Great work guys!

    I think my char is vet 1-2, I played on the pc then Xbox. I referred the PC in hindsight!

  3. Looking awesome. Kaelo, could you please let me know if you have received my 2 emails? Thanks allot.