Saturday 2 July 2016

Vlka Fenryka: first 10 Tactical Legionaires

Hi all. 

Just a quick post to show what I have been working on. 

I wanted to get on with my Grave Warden but the bits are deep in boxes in my garage before my move so had to choose something different. So I decided that as our group uses Primarchs as HQ's that if I just got ten Legionaires and Russ I will have a legal ally (so can do some early friendly games when I get my paws on him and the rules). 

So here they are:

First finished one with his pack mates. 

And the next 5. 

I have used some Dwarf axes here and there, as well as some 40k space Wolf chainswords. I have done green stuff beards and top knots (as well as adding dynamic separated strands to some plastic top knots for realism). 

They look Wolfy but not too Wolfy. I took this decision as I have heard that the 30k vision for them from FW is not the same as the GW 40k vision for them. It is not like the Legion landed on Fenris to recruit future Legionaires suddenly gave up their old traditions and identity over night. 

Can't wait for Inferno. 

Drake Seta


  1. Drake, love your tale on the Space Wolves 30k scheme, very fitting in my minds eye to what the Wolves should look like back then. Fits the FW artwork too.