Tuesday 9 August 2016

Atia's Projects - Past, Current and Future

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

So - I got asked to take the pile of models I have currently finished and take some pictures of them. That sounds easier than it is. I'm 100% sorry for the quality of the pics, but it should give you a good overview of my armies. Once the Zone Mortalis is finished and I have some spare time I'll try to do good awesome army pictures for a future post.

Death Guard

My first Horus Heresy army - here it all started. This army is more or less done - it focus heavily on Terminators and Tanks. I may add an unit of veterans later on, but for now, I'm quite happy with them.

I also just checked how many points this army would be (for Apocalypse) - it's 4.800 points.

Word Bearers and Daemons

Next is my current project - my Word Bearers. You can see more pictures of them here. They are roughly 60% done. I'm still working on their tactical squad - after them, only legion specific stuff is left.

My daemons are far from done - but I'll do them from time to time. They are more a side project when I need to paint something different than Marines to be honest. That said - I'm glad that I managed it to paint up two of the Lords of the Abyss - Zarakynel and Ang'grath. More daemons pics are here.

Shattered Legions

The next big project after my Word Bearers - Shattered Legions.

My Salamanders are 60% finished. I still have a veteran squad, a jetbike unit aswell as Vulkan to paint. I'll do them alongside my Raven Guard Legion this fall.


Last but not least, I still have plans for 3 Xenos armies:

- My Orks, most of them are already build. I want to paint a few of them later this year, probably around christmas.
- Eldar. A small Zone Mortalis army. Craftworld Ulthwé.
- Necrons. Some Tombworlds were already awaken during the time of the Great Crusade. It's even hinted that some of them were at Necromunda ...

Besides that, I also have some AoS armies aswell as a few Deathwatch Kill Teams on my to do list, but about these shall be spoken elsewhere.

I hope you enjoyed my overview post. If you have any questions, or wishes regarding my upcoming armies - now is the time to ask them, as I'm currently in the planning phase.

Lady Atia


  1. You know how to keep yourself busy. Sounds like there is more in the pipeline than here already.

    All look great.

    1. Thanks =)

      And yeah, I will be busy for quite a time :D

  2. Awesome! Crazy, but awesome!

  3. Awesome stuff! I love the death guard as a fellow enthusiast myself. How does the flyer feel in a list? I was thinking about one, but also leaning towards more medusas. Cheers!

    1. Glad you like them :)

      The Lightning can take phosphex - I think that's enough selling point?^^

  4. Death guard lighting strike fighter is really awesome. Like the use of the green it. Got some nice armies

  5. Love it! Nice paint jobs and the variety in your models makes for a really cool collection. Looking forward to seeing the dregs of Isstvan V when you get them done, haha ;)

    1. Thanks - glad you like them :)

      And yeah, can't wait to start on the Raven Guard :P

  6. Awesome forces there you lil' busy bee!