Wednesday 31 August 2016

Horus Heresy Word Bearers: Tactical Squad

Howdy Guys and Girls!

Little post about my Word Bearers Tactical Squad today - hope you enjoy them :)

Tactical Squad Cadraeus

Note: Most members of this squad seem to wear a non-production variant of Mark V power armour, either through field repairs, bonding reinforced armour, legion specific additions or production Mark V and Mark VI armour parts. This appereance should become even more common during the later days of the Heresy and beyond.

It is unclear how exactly Veteran Sergeant Cadraeus obtained parts of Mark VI armour at the time of the Betrayal at Calth, but it is believed to be either scavenged from the Raven Guard or an early prototype piece, supplied prior to the Istvaan Massacre.

Note: Non-Mechanicum approved nuncio-vox version. Assumed to be warp-tainted.

With these guys my troop choices are done! Next on my painting table are some Gal Vorbak, Zardu Layak and friends aswell as a Mhara Gal Dreadnought.

Stay tuned!

Lady Atia


  1. Looking awesome :) love the fluff too!

    1. Thanks buddy ^^

      I'm glad I managed to write something lol - was soooo tired yesterday xD

  2. I love this blog because I see my own two armies represented well here. I too am a Word Bearers player, as well as an Iron Hands player for my loyalist side. It's great to see the different renditions of the same paint schemes... there is a lot to be said about a player/painter in how they tie it all together.

    Looking great, looking forward to that Zardu Layak and the others!

  3. Very cool! I like the warp flask a lot! Did you find any images of it in any source material?

    1. Thanks Drake :)

      No, I think ... although maybe there is one at "the purge", but no. I actually just found enough of these in my bitz box - and I'm not even sure from where they are! I suspect they were once kept hidden in the vaults of the first legion, but it would be very heretical to think that ...

  4. Excellent work Atia! It's great to see a full squad of marines painted in this style.

    1. Thanks Colonel ^_^

      Really need to finish the army (it's roughly around 24 models to go!), and after that?

      Well, I have:
      - My Zone Mortalis
      - Some ZM Xenos stuff
      . My Raven Guard