Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Plasma Generators finished

Hello all. 

You may have been following my journey with the MDF Plasma Generators I purchased from eBay. Well they are finished now and here they are. 

I used some wide straws from IKEA for the tubes instead of the block square Perspex that comes with the set. 

Then I sprayed with Mechanicum Standard grey. I added chipping with a mix of 1:1:1 chaos black, dryad bark and warlock bronze. 

I then airbrushed jade green to horrid green as if the light was coming from the tubes themselves. 

I followed it up with White scar for the tubes themselves. 

That's it then. 

Onto another 3 Vlka Fenryka and the next battle report for me :)

Drake Seta


  1. Great job Drake! The space wolves look great too!

    1. Cheers. Should have a whole squad to show off next week :)
      Waiting for more info on the pack markings and squad markings before I do the right shoulder pads though.

  2. They look great...but i really think you should put some leds in those tubes!!!!!

    1. Completely agree. It would be better with LEDs. I have contacted the designer with the suggestion. Doing it myself is out of my skillset at the moment to be honest.

  3. Might have to look into some of these, alot of MDF scenery is overpriced though considering the material.

  4. They look sweet! Great job Drake