Tuesday, 16 August 2016

MDF Plasma Generators - like in Dawn of War

Hi all. 

Occasionally as fans there are situations where we really want to create bits of terrain from what we see in 40k art, comics, stories and computer games. One such thing for me was the buildings in Dawn of War. 
I would have loved to have gotten round to creating a Space Marine strongpoint and barracks based on the designs in the PC game. Fortunately the Castellum and Thunderhawk Landing pad give you a good core to expand from and also provide good alternatives to the Vehicle factory and Strongpoint terrain pieces. 

So when I saw this on eBay I really wanted a set. 

They are based on the Plasma Generators from Dawn of War clearly. 

They are effective bits of terrain and will add that little bit extra to Mortalis or Strongpoint games. 

Would be nice if they were LED but beggars can't be choosers. 

Any recommended paints or techniques to get the illumination looking decent?

Item can be bought from here

Drake Seta