Monday, 15 August 2016

King Fluff: Current and Future Projects

Hi guys. As you've seen this week the Bunnies have been taking stock of their projects, today it's my turn.

I've always been a hobby butterfly and invariably I will try to work on projects that I'm excited about and postpone those projects which have started to stagnate. 

Recently I've struggled with some of my legion projects as with each new publication I've found myself replanning forces which I felt had been settled upon, which in turn has shifted my painting strategy.

Night Lords

When I started with the Bunnies my first chunk of hobby was devoted to the sons of Nostramo. This was a new legion for me and I was excited to explore the conversion potential with them.

My plan for the Night Lords was for them to be a flier based force - originally using the Angel's Wrath rite of war. Having added a few other units I now need to look to see how I can reforge them into the vision I had for them.

I now have 2900pts of the planned 8400pts painted - but I'm still in need of finishing a couple of units in order to use them as a legal primary force with options in terms of which rite of war I can use. 

Legio Cybernetica

The second big chunk of hobby time for me has been bringing to the table the Legio Cybernetica from the Forge World of Graia. These again were a fresh project like the Night Lords. I've really enjoyed getting these to the table and playing games with them. I've found the force works really well as a primary force and as an allied detachment for my legion forces. My current painted army stands at 3900pts out of a planned army total of 10700pts. I've very much planned out maxing the slots for the Cybernetica, with lots more units to add. In the near future I will be finishing off another 2 Domitars and a third Thanator. I've left a few slots free for units that don't currently have models but the majority of the remains force will be Thallax in Triaros armoured conveyors.

Thousand Sons

My current love affair with the legions of The Great Crusade lies with the sorcerers of Prospero. This is my second time at creating a legion of the Thousand Sons and I'm loving the ease of this now that the plastic and resin parts are readily available rather than having to convert an army from scratch. Currently I'm working on a strong core of tactical marines with support from infantry, fliers and light tanks. 

Not having the rules yet for the Thousand Sons - let alone models, I wanted to tread carefully and utilise units which are both generic and which would be expertly augmented with the inevitable psychic arsenal that will become apparent with the release of Inferno. I have created characters which I can sideline into other armies once the official characters are released. For now I've created a character who can be placed in my Night Lords force as the custodian of the Librarius (remember we're talking Great Crusade era) and I will be making something similar in Cataphractii armour to accompany my first company Imperial Fists into battle.

My intentions for this legion are for it to be infantry heavy and using light and fast vehicles such as Sicarians and Xiphons. My LoW choice will be a Legion Glaive, and obviously Magnus the Red. I'm also toying with the idea of getting a Mastadon for the Thousand Sons to support the infantry in order to get to where they are needed.

For now I'll be using them as Word Bearers to allow for the use of Psychic Powers en masse and to fit the bill of Lorgar I've created a model which I could use as Magnus the Red as a count as Transfigured Lorgar.

My planned points for the Thousand Sons is around 6000pts with much of the currently sitting in boxes and bags ready for some glue and scalpel action. I've got 2 xiphons, a tactical squad, a tactical support squad and a praetor built and base painted so far which I intend to get sorted in the near future to use as an allied force for my other armies.

Questoris Knights

This is very much a long term project. I have three more Mars pattern Knights to build and paint for my House Krask force, and then add custom decals and weathering to all 10 Knights.

The total Krask force stands at 2900pts but with the addition of the next three Knights will grow to 4200pts of yellow and blue destruction.

I also have a second household - which initially I thought would be House Hyperion from the 2nd edition Knights for epic, however to make my life easier I may settle for a supported forge world scheme for these (of which I'm still undecided) this second household consists of all Cerastus pattern knight (including converted errants and Paladins) primarily as I'm not a fan of mixing the different knight patterns together in the same household. This second household consists of 8 Knights at a total of 2900pts but these are quite a way off starting for now and as such will stay in bags for a while.

Legio Astraman: The Morning Stars

Another on going project is my Titan legion. As you know I currently have two warhounds painted with two Reavers in the process of finishing and the build of my Warlord Titan Venatoribus Hastam is underway. I'm aiming for Venty to be build and base coated by Christmas, the Legio will be around 12000pts when done (as I have another three Reavers and a Warhound to add to complete the maniple) and I'm hoping that once Adeptus Titanicus is released as well as the Martian civil war black book (Purge would be a good title for that Alan 😊) from Forge World that we will have an army list similar to the Queatoris Knights list for fielding multiple Titans as an army in their own right.

The Future is Bright, the Future is Xenos

The main reason for me joining the Battle Bunnies was the work I've been doing on the Xenos races of the Great Crusade, and this is something that I'd like to immerse myself in again soon. I have nearly a 2000pt Megarachnid army and all the kits I need to do similar for the Jorgall, Hrudd, Exodites, Demiurg, Nurthene, Keylekid, Nephilim and Laer. Undoubtably this is s long term project as there's so much cool Heresy stuff it's difficult to squeeze in more cool from the Great Crusade. These races will be featuring in future campaigns and battle reports with the Bunnies so for now I'll leave them shrouded in a anonymity.

And the Rest

I'll also be working in an all cataphractii based Imperial Fists army, supported by Dpartan chassis vehicles and walkers. I have about 1/3 of the infantry build for this so far, and Tylar will be assisting me with the painting so between us we should have a massive force to defend the walls.

I'll also be working on an orbital assault Vlka Fenryka army - which will be more for my FaceBook page than for here along with a Sylvaneth Wargrove and Khorne Daemon horde for AoS, the aliens vs predator game from Prodos (as and when it arrives), the Vampire Hunters game from Dark Gate Games which is currently live on Kickstarter, my pre-heresy imperial and Xenos fleets for Battlefleet Gothic, my 6mm legion forced and lastly my terrain table - which broke last time I used it do now needs to be repaired before I can finishing painting it.

So as you can see I've got a lot to keep me busy (discounting work and looking after two kids) but as the evenings get less sunny and the weather gets cooler I'm hoping for more sustained time in the war room to get stuff done.

Thanks for reading my ramble.

And remember - don't eat yellow snow, unless it's in a cup with a picture of a dog on it.