Sunday, 14 August 2016

Weekly progress report 14/08/2016

Hi all. Another week closer to finishing all of our armies and never having to paint a mini ever again. . . we can dream right?

Darien has been assembling some more of his Reavers, plus washing a leviathan and a deredeo ready for assembly. He has also undercoated his remaining vehicles for the SoH First Company. 

This week Drake Seta has been working on his Vlka Fenryka again. He has finished another tactical Legionaire and is excited to get some more done this week ahead of Russ' release. 

Atia did some progress on her tactical squad. She hopes to finish them in the next days, before taking off a week for vacations.

King Fluff has been working on his Thousand Sons legion this week, addressing a potential gap in his Lord of War slot.

Tylar, Kaelo, Aveinus and Castiel have been very busy with life so have not got much hobby done. 

Battle Bunnies. 


  1. Beautiful deamon prince. I wish I had waited 2 months to build mine so I could have seen this.
    Atia: are those legionnaires mix of GW FW?

    1. Thanks Simon. He's based on the old epic 'naked blue' version. He's very much a work in progress but should look alright once he's finished - and because he'll be very different to the eventual Forgeworld release I don't feel like I'm competing 😊

    2. Yep 😄

      BaC MkIV plastics and FW MkV and WB upgrades. The sergeant got plastic MkVI legs :)

  2. Wait, wait, wait.

    Who gave Atia a holiday? Howcam I supposed to get any news?

    1. Hehe I won't be 100% gone just no time for painting.

      Also we already saw all DW releases so next week is a chilly one anyways ^,^