Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: work in progress

Hi all

Well 2016 has been a slight "return and finish off" old armies year. Death Guard are truly time consuming when it comes to painting for me. Also as I have to be in the mood for them, I regularly stray from them as a priority. 

My Plasma cannon squad is coming on well. With only really the backpacks and weapons to do. 

I also have this chappy which I seem to only do bits to when I have leftover paint on the palette or when I am pondering what else to do on another model. 

Then as always, the Rout sit by and scream to be painted. Have 2 done in totality now. The others are all to this standard. 

My current painting order of priorities is:
1) DG - 5 man Plasma Cannon Squad
2) VF - 10 man Tactical pack
3) IW - 3 Iron Warrior vehicles
4) DG - 21 Grave Warden
5) CT - 2 Warhound Titans
6) VF - 5 man Multi Melta squad
7) CT - 1 Reaver Titan
8) DG - 8 Tactical Legionaires
9) VF - 5 man Plasma cannon squad
10) VF - 5 man Melta gun squad

I have been working hard on getting the next Purokar League battle report ready (which will be Saturday morning for you guys to enjoy with your brunch). 

Drake Seta