Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: work in progress

Hi all

Well 2016 has been a slight "return and finish off" old armies year. Death Guard are truly time consuming when it comes to painting for me. Also as I have to be in the mood for them, I regularly stray from them as a priority. 

My Plasma cannon squad is coming on well. With only really the backpacks and weapons to do. 

I also have this chappy which I seem to only do bits to when I have leftover paint on the palette or when I am pondering what else to do on another model. 

Then as always, the Rout sit by and scream to be painted. Have 2 done in totality now. The others are all to this standard. 

My current painting order of priorities is:
1) DG - 5 man Plasma Cannon Squad
2) VF - 10 man Tactical pack
3) IW - 3 Iron Warrior vehicles
4) DG - 21 Grave Warden
5) CT - 2 Warhound Titans
6) VF - 5 man Multi Melta squad
7) CT - 1 Reaver Titan
8) DG - 8 Tactical Legionaires
9) VF - 5 man Plasma cannon squad
10) VF - 5 man Melta gun squad

I have been working hard on getting the next Purokar League battle report ready (which will be Saturday morning for you guys to enjoy with your brunch). 

Drake Seta


  1. Have you guys done a cumulative army summary post in a while? I think it would be insightful to see where everyone stands on their forces.

    Also amused by the thought of the 8 Tactical Marines waiting to be done behind the Reaver sitting there thinking: "He'd be done with us in three or four days but we gotta wait for weeks while that clanking monstrosity comes together."

    1. I second this idea. I know it's your guys/girls blog but I really do think seeing all of your armies (that are finished) and put on parade would be invigorating to us our here. I for one would be motivated seeing a completed army displayed on here.
      Also the green sculpting on this blog had inspired me to work on my skills. Right now it's just filling in gaps, and the occasional wire, but looking up to your group has pushed me to do better work.

    2. Ask and you shall receive. We will be doing them next week.

    3. Cheers Drake, looking forward to it.

  2. Love the Space Wolf. Is the head from something or a conversion?

    1. Hi Christopher. It is a plastic head with green stuff hair and beard. My first attempt st it too :)