Wednesday, 7 September 2016

1st Legion, Predator squadron work in progress

Hi everyone

After a short hiatus I have finally picked up the paint brushes again to continue working on my Predator Squadron.

As you can see I have got them base coated and airbrushed and have started putting down some leadbelcher on 2 of the three tanks. The third a Predator Executioner is base coated and airbrushed in readiness.

After my short break from the hobby I am raring to go again and will have more progress to show in the coming weeks.



  1. Nice to see alpha legion stuff on the blog ;)

    Great start, it's just a shame vehicles don't benifit from Legio rules (which is kinda silly really)..

    1. Eh? Alpha Legion because they are the first Legion?

      The Legion rules which benefit tank Squadrons are pretty cool. Yeah no vehicle has the Legiones Astartes Special rule though.

  2. Great to see some new units coming for the 1st! I'm looking forward to seeing these tanks finished up and with the rest of the army!