Tuesday 6 September 2016

Imperial Space Marine: Imperial Fist

Good evening blog followers and welcome to another re-visioning of a iconic model to a Legion specific character. 

For many who follow us here you're well aware of our passion for the Hobby and our love for all things Heresy and Legion. When the re-vamped release of the 2016Imperial  Space Marine model came out I knew I had to have one and had to find some way of fitting it into my army. 

I've decided to use him to represent a Veteran it Vet Sgt from a Tactical squad. 

For those of you who can remember far enough back like me *ahem-cough* showing my age now! Then you will we'll remember the original marine as depicted in the rear of the box. 

You can see on the lower right hand side the metal figure the new plastic has been modelled after. It was an icon of its age and to this day represents a golden age in miniatures from GW. 

So the I present to you my take on the Imperial Fist Legion version. I hope you like him!

I think the addition of a FW MK VI shoulder pad really makes it stand out.
The Lamenters yellow glaze really makes the yellow mix I use for my armour 'pop' and I have to say it was a real joy to paint. 

I tried to keep the scheme simple to allow the model to show off its potential. The Crimson Fist variant on the box is very similar in its minimal approach to the colour scheme but the detail on the mini would easily lend itself to a more intricate use of colour for certain areas of the armour. 

For me it truly represents a set of Articifer armour. 

Anyway I hope you all enjoy feel free to comment and ask questions below. 

As always 'For the Emperor!'

- Tylar 


  1. Very Spiffy! Love the yellow!
    I still can't decide which way to do mine, 40k Blood Ravens or 30k Imperial Fists.. but this is certainly a vote for Fists!

    1. Thanks Star Swift. Blood Ravens is a great choice. I went with the Imperial Fist so I could use it in my gaming. Such a fantastic mini doesn't deserve to just sit on a shelf in a cabinet. Thanks again.

  2. Your yellows are so bright! Great job!

  3. Awesome paint job !!! 👍👍👍

  4. No other way to say this and I'm sorry if it offends anyone but: holy crap that is beautiful. I need to know how that yellow was done so I can do it for my shattered legion fist's.

    1. Thanks Simon.
      The base is Averland sunset airbrushed followed by a mix of Averland and Flashgitz. Then Agrax in the recesses followed by a blocking out of the black areas etc. Once that's done back over the yellow areas with the mix to pick up and areas and tidy it.
      Then once all the areas are done its eased with Lamenters Yellow glaze and this draws out the yellow pigment. It's brilliant.
      Hope that helps.

  5. Great work. The yellow does look fantastic. The black head represents him as a Vet Sergeant then yeah? Very very nice.

    1. That's right Drake. And then my Veterans will be a reverse with all black armour and yellow helmets :)