Monday 5 September 2016

Battle Bunnies; Reinforcements Incoming!

Hello all!

Just a quick one tonight to drop you all some great news! In the continuing commitment to provide you all with the best possible, consistent content we are having a bit of a change in the future. As the title suggests - reinforcements are incoming in the form of 2 new authors. We didn't really go through an interview process this time and instead reached out to a couple of friends we met at some events.

Tonight I will be giving you a quick introduction to one of the new authors, Hector Cephas. Here is a picture of some of his work and a quick description from him. Expect a full introduction soon where he discuss' the intricacies of his project and his future on the blog.

Hector Cephas:
'My favourite unit... well... It's an odd choice... I am an Imperial Fist player and I've got access to great units such as Templar Brethren, but for the sheer fact that they are so underrated and they fit really well with the legion, I have got to say my favourite unit is my Legion Breacher Siege Squad. The price of the squad is high but their equipment makes it worth it and when you combine that with the rules they get when you use the The Stone Gauntlet, you've got a very resilient unit indeed! Oh, and the fact that these are space marines with breaching shields, they are a superhuman shield wall - how cool is that!!!'

I hope you are all excited and offer a warm welcome to the latest edition to the Bunny family.

Until next time, stay fluffy!



  1. Welcome Hector. Will be needing a game with you soon!

  2. Welcome buddy =)

    And yep, Breachers are awesome ;)

  3. Yahoo 😤 more Fists. Gotta love Breachers and if your using Polux but not running the Gauntlet teleporting a squad is great fun.

  4. Cool, glad the recruitment went well, I look forward to hearing about the fists and the next new member!

  5. Congrats to the new members. I can't wait to see more of their armies in the future.

  6. Congratulations on joining Hector, always lovely to see some more fists!

  7. Oh boy, another breacher-loving Imperial Fist player, looking forward to see more! (although loving shield walls is quite common among VIIth legion members :D, there are never enough brethren among our ranks)

  8. Thank you all! :D

    I've got plenty of stuff to write about the Imperial Fists but do not fret, there will be plenty of breacher-loving :)