Monday, 19 September 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Raven Guard Drop Pod

Good evening Bunnies!

Tonight we are going to have a look at my Raven Guard Drop Pod. I have used the Forge World transfers to break the black up.

These pictures are from a deployment on the scorched agri-world of Hamir-Planus. The Raven Guard were deployed to strike quickly to stop Xenos filth from burning and destroying much needed produce for the pending Karrus Sector compliance. With lightning fast coordination, between Corax and the Wolf King, the Raven Guard and the Rout were able to destroy the alien threat and save the majority of the planets refineries and vast farmlands.

It is a really nice kit but a ball-ache to put together lol. Especially if you want the 'doors' to open.

Here it is with my favourite alpha strike unit. Useful for taking down enemy armour (which I don't field a lot of with the Raven Guard.

I like the hazard stripes around the door seals. It is a kit with a lot of fiddly detail bits and I think that the addition of the stripes is super fun.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my post! I will see you all again soon!

Stay tuned and stay fluffy!