Tuesday, 20 September 2016

30k Xenos: Orks

Hello all!

Having completed the Mastodon for my Sons of Horus, I needed to move onto getting some of my Orks painted. I am playing in a 40k competition at my local club over the weekend and needed a few more orks finished to make my list work. I had 7 boyz, 1 nob and 2 trukks to get done. The boyz and nob are done, I also took the time to rebase my other painted nobs onto 32mm. They look better on the bigger bases! The 2 trukks are well under way and I will be finishing these over the next few days.

The trukk in the background was one that I already had painted!

Current progress on the trukks. 

The orks will be featuring in an upcoming campaign with Kaelo. This has got us to thinking about the orks as a 30k army and how well they will match up to the with the legions. Are current plan is to use them straight from the current codex and see how they get on. I know a lot of people think that the orks were bigger and I plan to include more units of nobs than normal. I'm of the opinion that boyz would still have been around in large numbers. 

I would love to know what your thoughts are of orks in 30k and any experience you have in using them! 

If you're around this Saturday 24th my local club The Bastion in Basingstoke is holding an open day. I will be present demoing 30k, we have a few stores coming, a bring and buy and another 5-6 games being demoed to try out. Check it out on Facebook here.

Happy hobbying!