Friday, 9 September 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Raven Guard Mor Deythan

Good evening bunnies!

Tonight I will be showing you my finished Mor Deythan squad for my Raven Guard! In the fluff, these are one of my favourite units for the 19th Legion and the models look awesome. 

I decided to go for combi-bolters as the rules for sniper rifles make them about as much use as a shirt with a back pocket. To balance them and make them more utility and less spam I went for a mixture of flavours, 2 melta, 2 plasma and a flamer to protect from that pesky charging unit.

On Hespanza Alpus the Mor Deythan were a high priority target for the Warboss, Karghol. Showing a level of tactical awareness that regularly escapes Orks, he sent wave after wave of his infantry at the 'long distance shooty men'. By the time the first wave arrived the Mor Deythan were dug-in.

They switched to their combi-bolters and unleashed a torrent of fire, distracting the Xenos forces from the remainder of the outflanking Raven Guard forces.

The Mor Deythan stood proud in Corax's honour.

I hope that you have enjoyed my post. I have a few more units coming up and then I will do a post showing the whole army together. Tonight I have been play testing some really cool stuff for an upcoming campaign. No timescales to confirm currently but it will be worth the my opinion lol

Until next time. Stay fluffy!