Friday, 9 September 2016

Mars Pattern Imperialis Landing Pad

Morning all. 

Finally it has been released! We have had one for a while and have been working on it, but it is far from finished. 

Much larger than standard Landing Pads such as Skyshield, the Mars Pattern Imperialis Landing Pad has been deployed on hostile worlds since the earliest days of The Great Crusade. Prefabricated in sections for rapid deployment, the size of this Landing Pad is such that it can accommodate a Thunderhawk Gunship, or even the goliath Sokar pattern Stormbird, with ample room for its full complement of troops to disembark.

The Realm of Battle Mars Pattern Imperialis Landing Pad is a modular Realm of Battle tile made of a lightweight and durable hollow resin. It measures 2' x 2' (610 mm x 610 mm) and is designed to fit with other resin or plastic Realm of Battle gameboard tiles.

Check out our YouTube channel for my unboxing video!

No rules yet by the looks of things. Maybe purely a scenery piece. 

Drake Seta