Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Raven Guard Scorpius

  Hello all!

Back this evening with another post showing a completed unit from my Raven Guard army. After some play testing with Aveinus, against his Iron Hands, prior to the Throne of Skulls event, it became very obvious that my army needed a bit of armoured support and a 'threat' unit to draw some of the enemies firepower. After throwing a few options around a Scorpius became a very strong contender (I dismissed Jet Bikes and Javelins as - in my opinion - they are a bit pap).

Here is Stormbeak eyeing up some traitors at the planet Anuupis months after the flee from Istvaan V. Much of the Raven Guards armoured might was destroyed during the extermination but Stormbeak was retrieved and fought alongside the shattered legions. It is rumoured to have even been under the command of Meduson during those blighted times, enforcing his will to destroy the heretics in droves.

The Scorpius is a lovely kit that went together easily enough. It was painted using the same method as the rest of my army and I used the Forge World transfers to bring in some detail to break up the black. 

Mission accomplished:

It performed well during the Throne of Skulls weekend, its range and AP making it a fantastic choice when fighting Marines, Mechanicum or Solar Auxillia. 

Time to cheese it!!

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my latest unit. Check back soon for my next unit - a Raven Guard Veteran Squad.

Until next time, stay fluffy!!