Sunday, 18 September 2016

Weekly Progress Report 18/09/2016

Hi all.

It's that time of the week again. 

Darien has been working on some orks. He has painted 7 boyz and a nob and is now hard at work on 2 trukks!

This week King Fluff has been working on some scenery as you may have seen earlier. He's also been working on  book 2 of his Great Crusade series focusing on Xenos races - particularly the Hrud. He will be play testing the rules soon in order to move on to the next race.

Hector has done a bit more work on his magnetised arms from last week and has started on his cargo containers. This week, he will continue doing more work on the magnetised arms to ensure the breachers are ready for the Shadow War campaign weekend.

Atia did spend some time to work on Zardu Layak this week. The Crimson Apostle is almost finished, only some minor details like the blood-chalices and the base are left to do.

Drake is plodding on relentlessly with his Warhounds. He has almost totally finished the legs (minus the oil wash and buff). 

Aveinus has been continuing to work on his cataphractii terminator squad, he's chosen to get one of the model to the almost completed stage to see how his scheme looks before starting the others. A post will show more progress soon

Kaelo, Castiel and Tylar have all been busy this week. Castiel has finished his next model and is ready to show him shortly. 

Drake Seta


  1. All looks awesome!! I've finally managed to get the first base layer on my Salamanders! 30 marines, 7 Firedrakes and a contemptor and undercoated Vulkan and 5 pyroclasts!
    For me I consider that a win!!

    1. Sounds like top progress to me mate :)

    2. Good stuff Andrew! Keep up the roll!

    3. Cheers guys - appreciated! It's only the first layer of green but it's a start!
      Picked up another B@C box set though on Friday to get some tactical support squads sorted! That will be my reward for painting what I've got!!

  2. Nice work guys and gals. I finally got my board and am building buildings to go with it.

  3. As always your progress puts mine to shame.. Well done! Hey still waiting with baited breath to hear your guys thoughts on the leaked Adeptus Custodes photo.

  4. Good work guys on all fronts!
    Tom, I'm more pumped about the plastic mkiii though the custodes look good. My only worry is they are quite static looking poses...