Wednesday, 12 October 2016

I would do: Rogue Trader Board Game.

Hello all. 

Here is just a little post on my daily ponderings. Well we are all 40k fans (that can't be doubted), but only a few of us were blessed as being interested in the hobby from Rogue Trader era. 
Now Rogue Traders have slipped sooooo quietly into shadow in the 40k lore, that they are pretty much forgotten or added as a foot note. 

We have had great images of them here and there. The Rogue Trader novel was fantastic in my opinion, and lately the appearance and description of the Golden Fleet in Tallarn Ironclad, was just sooo cool. 
These characters can marshal and requisition or contract such incredible armies (even Knights and Space Marines!!).  

This is a bit of a shame in my opinion. Alan Bligh and Fantasy Flight Games expanded the Lore of them exponentially, which was fantastic, and gave us some beautiful art pieces like above. 
Now the thought of leading a fleet through space, going to world after world and bringing them under the banner of the Imperium in 30k or 40k sounds like awesome fun, and arguably could be best done through a RPG format like what FFG did. Well today once again I looked at the Silver Tower game that Kaelo hasn't started painting yet and sighed. How cool would it be to have something similar and expandable for 40k. 
Maybe the fact that FFG are not supporting or are licensed with GW anymore is a sign that they are considering or planning something like this. 

The FW specialist game department is awesome, and it is such a breath of fresh air to the hobby in general. We know they will be doing Necromunda eventually, which I can't wait for, but I'm not sure about Inquisitor. 

Now a new 28mm Inquisitor game or a 28mm Rogue Trader boxed game from GW would be awesome. A simple Rogue Trader Command Squad of a Psyker, a Hunter, a Bodyguard, a Techpriest and obviously the Rogue Trader him/herself, as well as a great set of boards and little quest, would be great fun. 
It would also give GW the opportunity to make a couple of Box sets to go alongside (grand Barques, ornamental constructs etc) and a Codex which gives you the opportunity to use them as a core force which can ally to pretty much any force. 

I really hope we do see them soon. FW did prepare themselves in Massacre it think it was, to have their forces compatible with a RT list by GW. . . soooo all is not lost. 




  1. This would be an amazing force and a brilliant flushing out of the imperium. The evocative art and scope for lore surrounding these guys just supply endless possibilities.

  2. Lorayne Thornhallow would make an awesome miniature, which I'm sure is what the artist had in mind with the image above.