Thursday 13 October 2016

Spectre: An Introduction

Hello everybody and good evening!

Tonight I am delighted to introduce the second of our new authors: Spectre.

The Battle Bunnies were lucky enough to meet this shadowy individual at the first Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls event last year as our Drake was drawn against Spectres Raven Guard. Drake lost.

Here is a bit from Spectre:

I chose the Raven Guard for my legion, as they are something different in how they operate to many of the others/ Whereas some legions favour frontal assaults, like the Sons of Horus or wars of attrition like the Iron Warriors, the XIX Legion prefer stealth, mobility and going straight for the enemy command structure.

I feel the Dark Furies are a prime example of the Raven Guards way of warfare. Using their speed and deadly ravens talons, they are great at killing enemy leaders. Plus, look at the models, just look at them... They have to be some of my favourite models of the horus Heresy range!

I look forward to seeing more from our newest author and I hope you do too. Let's give him a warm welcome.

Until next time, stay fluffy!



  1. He beat me. Yes. I can't recall him though. After so many defeats the faces of the victors I lose to just seem to blur into one.
    Welcome to BB.

  2. Welome to the Battle Bunnies! Excited to see you join the bunnies and looking forward to getting some games in! :D

  3. Excellent another author to keep us readers entertained, all the better! Great stuff, lovely sculpts I agree - trying to figure out where my 40K Relictors could do with some Raven-esque Assault Squad troops or Vanguard...