Sunday, 9 October 2016

Weekly Progress Report

Welcome everybody, to another weekly progress report!

This week King Fluff has returned to the forges of Graia. With his Warlord Titan 

'Venatoribus Hastam' taking a surge forward. He's hoping to stay with the green gods of war for a little while to finish off the Warlord build and painting on his two Reavers.

Atia made some more progress on the Gal Vorbak - another possessed is finished! This time, it seems like he shares his body with one of Nurgle's children ....

Hector Cephas has been working on his scenery project this week. He's finished constructing his void shield generator and this week he's going to make sure his Imperial Fists are ready for the upcoming Shadow War campaign weekend.

Tyler has received the blessings of the 'Changer of Ways' this week and has travelled into the warp to be joined in holy matrimony. We wish him all the best.

Kaelo, Aveinus and Drake have been working on a surprise project that they hope to share later on this month.

Darien has been unable to get any progress due to other commitments. To be fair, he deserves a break lol. His output since joining the blog has been nothing short of tremendous.

Castiel has also had other commitments  and has had no progress. He is hoping to return to working on his trio of Dark Angel Predators this week.

That's it from us for another week. What have you all been working on? 

Until next time - Stay fluffy!!



  1. Great to see another Warlord develop. I've been busy starting my Dreadtober BaC plastic Contemptor, it will be a good subtraction from the To-do pile! And never far from some scenery, I've also started the preparation on my larger Containers from

  2. I've almost finished my armies on parade entry! Just drybrush on basses and decals left, then it's done.