Saturday, 19 November 2016

Black Library Live - Horus Heresy news

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today was the Black Library Live event - and Kaelo was there. He got some cool informations regarding the Horus Heresy to share with us:

David Annandale is writing a book called Ruin Storm. This follows Angels of Caliban and it's about the three Primarchs trying to get back to Terra.

Nick Kyme is writing a book called
Old Earth. This is the next part of Vulkan's story where he is going to Terra because he has to do something very important that only he can do because of his unique skills. Old earth will also close a door on an Iron Hands story.

John French is doing one called
Dark Compliance. This follows the audio Warmaster where Horus conquers a world so he is able to conquer more in the future. It's goes into detail in how he wants to rebuild the Imperium and his thought process. However something happens which means that even if Horus won, he wouldn't be able to rule.

Guy Hayley is doing the Perturabo origin story which will include some bits of him during the Great Crusade against Hrud getting their arse kicked (Editors Note: HRUD?! HRUD! Awesome!). Also, apparently Horus had to deceive him so he would join him as well ...

Gav Thorpe is doing one called
Lorgar Bearer of the Word. This is an origin story of Lorgar about Kor Phaeron finding him. Apparently he was like an abusive father but it shows how that changed when Lorgar grew up.

Apparently the guy who dies in the Dorn book is definitively dead.

Also, we will know early next year how many books in total they are doing!

They said they know exactly what are the remaining books, and there are only 3 more that need to be done before we reach Terra.

Wow, that sounds pretty awesome. What book are you anticipating the most? What stories do you want to get told before we reach Terra? Write us in the comments below!

Kaelo Rylanus and Lady Atia


  1. Am excited about Hrud! I hope it brings some new art of them, yay for minor xenos representation, more of that please.

  2. I'm hoping for more Mechanicum before the end.

  3. Well we know Crimson King is coming. Not sure if that is one of the 3 (probably). That will deal with Magnus's fall and how he gets to Terra.

    I'm guessing one about Mortarion's tortures and fall to Nurgle will be there too.