Saturday, 19 November 2016

Fliers in 30k

Good evening to you all!

I trust everyone is having a fruitful and hobby filled weekend?

Personally, I have been thinking a lot about fliers and how well they work in 30k games. I have personally yet to use one in a game and have only faces Lightning strike fighters and Xiphon interceptors. Having an infantry heavy Raven Guard army, I have been able to simply ignore them as pests, as I don't really use tanks and they have seemed to have little effect against my troops in the games so far.

I do however, think that they look really cool and so have decided to pick myself up a Fire Raptor and a Xiphon. I'd like to think that the Xiphon would come in handy for.... well... intercepting enemy aircraft (shock horror), but they are also hopefully good against enemy armour too. Whereas I'm hoping my Fire Raptor will prove useful against light armour and infantry.

I may have got a little bit keen and started work on my Fire Raptor and I am pleased to say, it is almost done.

Here it is, zooming over the battlefield in search of some traitor scum!

What are your thoughts on fliers, guys? Please comment with how useful you think they are and how you use them. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Strike from the shadows.



  1. Personally, I'm in love with flyers.. more so than anyone else in our group.

    My Fists have a sizable in progress airforce as it is with: 2 fire raptors a storm eagle, An assault ram, a Xyphon a Thunderhawk and now a Stormbird on the way and plans for more to add to my squadrons.

    I love flyers and am slowly learning the new death from the Skies book for 40k just to see what fun bits I can nic for our 30k campaigns.

  2. Great post. Me, I am not in to flyers. I don't think they make much sense in 40k. Maybe in apocalypse. They look ace though.

  3. I just want to say that I am a proud owner of four beautiful fliers for my space marines. They make their father proud everything they take to the field! I think fliers fill a certain purpose depending on how they are armed. Mostly they will primarily serve as a dog fighter to help clear the skies, but once that's done, they should also be assembled with a ground attack in mind for late game strafing run goodness.

  4. lightning drops playload and does nothing else but earns his points

    1. I'm guessing you use the armour bane missiles?

    2. depends on opponents vs eldar/tyranids thou're better off with sunfury

  5. I've toyed with a Fire raptor for my death guard for a while, could anyone give me an opinion there?

  6. I was planning an Imperial Fist Air Cav army in Valkyries but FW nixed that one...

    Otherwise they barely see use in Heresy games, though i do want a Xiphon and Bought a Lightning for my Mechanicus but had to sell it to pay bills :(

  7. I regularly run a Storm Eagle with my 30k Alpha Legion army and have been very pleased. Depending on the scenario, I either run it as either a transport, or a very large distraction to draw fire (with lascannons in both cases to focus on enemy armour or heavy infantry as required). In one game, it practically won me the game when I re-boarded my surviving HQ with one surviving veteran squad member; thus denying my opponent "slay the warlord" whereas I had already accomplished this task. I find it really tactically flexible alongside my infiltrating infantry.

  8. Fire Raptor is incredibly effective against both light and elite infantry. I have one for Alpha Legion and it cleans house. Get it in early if you can though, before assaults ruin your fun.