Sunday, 27 November 2016

Blog Update and Weekly Progress Report

Hello everybody

I hope that you are well and that the God of projects is smiling on your table.

Today I wanted to give you all a Battle Bunny update before the WPR. There have been a lot of discussions behind the scenes regarding the future direction of the blog recently and I thought it would be cool to have a look at it here. 

Unfortunately we have been unable to adhere to our Christmas project this year. Last year we brought you legion baubles and a Thunderhawk made from gingerbread. We had an epic idea for this year and we are all sad we won't be able to complete year though eh? So over the Xmas period I will be asking the Bunnies to do a post about a review of the year and also of what they would like to achieve next year. 

We are all looking at different internal group projects that will cover main conflicts (and some made up) from the Great Crusade AND Heresy.

One thing that we promised over the last year, which never materialised, was Xenos projects. This is mainly down to real life issues and a lack of any one direction. Next year will be very different as the blog is looking at funding a 3D designer to help us hopefully flesh out a range of models that can be used in Great Crusade, while we create fan Codexs that we can use for our campaigns. We will be looking into this more in the next few months. Drake has had a superb idea around a Murder campaign that I think you are all going to love.

Tylar and King Fluff have left the group this week and we would like to thank them for their contribution over the last year. This leaves the Battle Bunnies with 8 authors and we have a potential couple more joining so we will be continuing our spread of hobby goodness for you all and will continue to bring you all the news and gossips from future events. Expect to see more videos and previews over the next 12 months too as we improve our quality and methods of delivery.

I am tremendously excited to see what will come over the next year and the direction I now see us taking. We are fundamentally a Great Crusade and Heresy gaming blog and we are all now driven to deliver on that promise. 

So here is this week's WPR:

Atia used this week to paint the Changeling of Tzeentch. Next on the painting table are some cultists!

Hector just about got his Custodes primed but unfortunately he wasn't able to follow up with basing it with GWs retributor spray due to the weather. He is hoping to get this done before moving onto a non-Horus Heresy related project.

Aveinus has been taking a break from 30k, but has still been spending a lot of time painting some Ironjawz for an upcoming Aos event. Once finished he'll be back to 30k but keep an eye out for his next post where he will be showing you what new 30k project he'll be working on next!

Darien has been working on his Sylvaneth recently. He has completed a treelord and is putting the finishing touches on 20 Dryads and a branchwych.

Drake, Spectre and Castiel have had real life commitments and been unable to complete any projects. I have just moved home and I now have my own space to work through projects unmolested lol. 

Thanks for reading, see you all soon 🙂 stay fluffy.



  1. Good luck to Tylar and King Fluff on their future endeavours.

    I'm intrigued by the talk of a battle bunnies model designer, looking forward to the next updates!

  2. Thanks. Hope to see everyone round the circuit still.
    We'll still be following the blog and watching it move forward ;)

  3. Hopefully you will be adding a world eater player. Want more world eater content ;)

  4. Darien, just showed my wife your WIP Treelord. She likes it. :)

  5. Hey long time reader sorry to hear king fluff and Tyler left but best wishes and good luck in future endeavours